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Nolan R. Gimpel Named

Assistant VP At APL

Nolan R. Gimpel has been pro- moted to the position of assistant vice president at American Presi- dent Lines, Ltd. (APL), respon- sible for overseeing the day-to- day management of all APL's

North America functions. The an- nouncement was made by B.I.

Henriksen, vice president, North


Most recently managing direc- tor of APL's Atlantic Region based in New York City, Mr.

Gimpel joined the firm in 1978 after some 10 years' experience in steamship and transportation operations in the Pacific and North

Atlantic trades. He will be based at APL's North America head- quarters at 601 California Street,

San Francisco.

New Firm Will Service

LOOP Customers

Richard P. (Dick) Guidry, who operates the American Offshore

Fleet, recently formed a company,

Marine Agents of Galliano Inc., which was set up specifically to provide services to customers of the LOOP terminal scheduled to open this year.

The terminal is expected to handle more than 300 vessels per year in the initial phase, and the new company will offer agency and ancillary services to these ships.

The office is located close to the

LOOP storage domes, in the

American Offshore Fleet building in Galliano. The address of Ma- rine Agents is P.O. Box 2038,

Galliano, La. 70354.

Literature Available

On Bloom Cable Winch

Bloom Inc. recently published literature describing the Bloom hydraulic cable winch.

Among the features of the

Bloom hydraulic cable winch are a low profile for easy out-of-the- way installation aboard ship or rig; capacities of up to 12,000 pounds, and line speed of up to 75 feet per minute. The winch is equipped with a hydraulic motor directly coupled to ground and hardened wormshaft.

Bloom offers over 100 models of the hydraulic cable winch.

For a free brochure and de- tails, write Mark Colletti, Bloom

Inc., Dept. M-l, Highway 20, West

Four Miles, Independence, Iowa 50644.

Samson Offers Literature

On Synthetic Ropes

The latest technology from syn- thetic fiber research by Samson

Ocean Systems, Inc. has resulted in a double-braided rope with the unique combination of high strength and low stretch. The new generation fiber is called

Duron II, and is now being used in Samson Stable Braid, an all polyester rope used extensively for utility winch lines, tug head- lines, and ship's spring lines.

Stable Braid with Duron II of- fers highest strength for an all polyester rope, very low stretch over normal working load ranges, improved energy absorption dur- ing shock loadings and signifi- cantly improved abrasion resist- ance. This new rope is expected to replace wire in many applica- tions because of these features.

Examples reported are: Stable

Braid with Duron II of 3-inch circumference (1-inch diameter) with a tensile of 36,000 and elas- tic elongation of 2.0 percent at 15 percent load. A 6-inch circum- ference (2-inch diameter) Duron

II rope provides a tensile rate of 118,000 pounds and elastic elon- gation of 2.4 percent at 20 per- cent load.

Stable Braid with Duron II is identified by a Samson BlueMark tracer and is now available in sizes from ^-inch diameter to 21- inch circumference, with tensile ratings from 2,600 pounds to 1,150,000 pounds.

For descriptive literature and prices, contact G.P. Foster, Sam- son Ocean Systems, Inc., 99 High

Street, Boston, Mass. 02110.




Recognized as an international leader in building ships for the offshore industry,

Mangone Shipbuilding Company con- tinues to stay in the forefront of offshore service vessel design and construction.

Custom built to meet the specifications of individual owners as well as all regulatory bodies, every Mangone vessel differs from all others.

For our catalogue on recent vessels built by Mangone, please write or call our

Houston office.





The 185-ft. Tug/Supply T.R. Naquin is shown during trial runs.

Mangone Shipbuilding Company 819 South 80th St. • P.O. Box 5446 • Houston, Texas 77012 • 713/926-9451 A Stewart & Stevenson


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