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American Trading Asks

Title XI For Six Tankers

Costing $408 Million

A proposal to construct six 50,000-dwt oil tankers has been announced by American Trading and Transportation Company of

New York City. Through individ- ual subsidiaries designated At- transco Tanker Corporation I through VI, American Trading has requested Title XI construc-

Crewboat Richard Hill is one of two delivered recently by Halter Marine's Chalmette,

La., yard to P.T. Bailey, Inc. of Morgan City, La. Each boat has a capacity for up to 55 passengers, and a range of 500 miles. tion loan and mortgage insurance from the Maritime Administra- tion.

National Steel and Shipbuilding

Company of San Diego is the pro- posed builder of the diesel-pow- ered vessels, which have a total estimated cost of $408 million.

Delivery of the first ship would be scheduled for September 1982, the second and third by the end of November 1982, and March 31, 1983; delivery of the last three has not been indicated.

Halter Delivers Two

Large-Capacity Crewboats

Halter Marine, Inc., New Or- leans, La., recently delivered two of its new long-deck 101-foot crewboats to P.T. Bailey, Inc. of

Morgan City, La.

The Richard Hill and Steve

Partain sport 55-foot-long clear deck areas capable of carrying more than 30 tons of cargo. The deck is 17 feet wide. Other di- mensions include a 21-foot beam, 9V.-foot depth and 5Vl>-foot draft.

Each crewboat can also trans- port up to 55 passengers. A com- plete galley, mess area and three double-berth staterooms are pro- vided for the crew or for long- haul operations.

A spacious engine room houses three GM12V71TI diesels rated at 510 bhp each to give the alu- minum vessel a time trial speed of more than 28 mph. The pro- pulsion engines turn three bronze four-bladed propellers through

Twin Disc MG-514 reverse reduc- tion gears with a 2:1 ratio.

A 500-mile range is possible with the vessels' 2,400-gallon fuel oil capacity. Each also carries 500 gallons of potable water.

Two GM3-71-driven 30-kw gen- erators provide electric power for ship's services and wheelhouse electronics which include a Decca 110 radar and Motorola VHF and

SSB radios.

The Richard Hill and Steve

Partain were built by Halter Ma- rine's Chalmette, La., division, one of 10 shipyards owned and operated by Halter in the South- eastern United States.

Transamerica Delaval,


Form Joint Venture

Research-Cottrell, Inc., Somer- ville, N.J., and Transamerica De- laval Inc., Princeton, N.J., have formed a joint venture to address the energy utilization markets.

The announcement was made by

John E. Schork, chairman and chief executive officer of Research-

Cottrell, and D.T. Bixby, presi- dent of Transamerica Delaval, a subsidiary of Transamerica Cor- poration, San Francisco, Calif.

The joint venture will develop and commercialize products and systems based on the two-phase turbine technology of Biphase

Energy Systems, Santa Monica,

Calif., one of the Research-Cot- trell Energy Companies. In form- ing the joint venture, Transamer- ica Delaval paid to Research-Cot- trell and contributed to the joint venture $6.5 million in cash at closing.

The Research-Cottrell / Trans- america Delaval partnership, es- tablished on a 50-50 basis, will market systems for power gen- eration and energy utilization, particularly for geothermal waste heat, desalination, and marine propulsion applications. The ven- ture will combine the engineering, marketing and manufacturing ca- pabilities of Transamerica Delaval in high-speed rotating equipment with the marketing and systems engineering expertise of Research-

Cottrell in energy and environ- mental control products and serv- ices.





CAMAR 186 Prescott St., Worcester, Mass. 01613 (617) 752-5685 Telex 920324 e.r.franklin co. worldwide sales and service. (212) 421-4312

A product of advanced American technology.

Camar's deck seal can be operated wet or dry. The fully automatic seal requires no electric or pneumatic service—is —- fully 'failsafe'. • -=

Camar fans, fully sup- ported, with no overhang load, use Inconel #625 impellers, making them the most advanced, dependable fans available.

The heart of the Camar generator is the patented "Transjet" recirculating burner. No refractories whatsoever are used.

The seawater-cooled combustion chamber is of Incoloy #825.

Camar's patented double disk boiler uptake valves isolate the corrosive stack gas from the Ji scrubber when the P/ife/ system is shut down V.'/

The entire valve is of In- coloy #825 to withstand the highly corrosive stack gasses.

The highly efficient

Camar scrubber depends on Incoloy #825 to with- stand the attack of corro- sive flue gases. Incoloy #825 trays, containing quartz beds, filter and cool the gas. 10 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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