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Lockstad Names

T.D. Lindberg VP-Sales inch by 48-inch wall poster, the painting shows a Marathon Class 116-C cantilever mobile self-ele- vating jackup drilling rig just as it would appear at work drilling in an ocean environment.

This first Marathon LeTour- neau-developed rig was equipped with 141 feet of leg, and was ca- pable of drilling in 80 feet of water. In contrast, the Marathon

Class 116-C cantilever self-elevat- ing jackup rig depicted in the poster is equipped with 410 feet of leg, and is capable of drilling in 300 feet of water. It features vastly improved technology.

The poster details various func- tioning parts of a working jackup drilling rig, not otherwise seen by a viewer. It includes close-ups of the main deck, the elevating unit structure and its complex electric motors and reduction gears, the spud well, production platform, cantilever function, control cen- ters, crew quarters, and many other diverse functions.

The colorful and unique poster is available at no charge by writ- ing on company or other official letterhead to Roland B. Gray, De- partment MR, Marathon LeTour- neau Offshore Company, Post Of- fice Box 61589, Houston, Texas 77208.

Kubota, Ltd.. New York 0ffice:50 Rockefeller Plaza Suiie 1214. New York. NY 10020. USA Phone: 212 246-4871 .Telex 7105816020 KUBOTA NYK Cable Address KUBOTA NYO

Kubota America Corporation: 523 West Sixth Street Suite 1113 LosAngeles California 90014. U S A Phone 213-627-6377 Telex: 673238 KUBOTA LSA

Kubota. Ltd.. London Office: 11 12 Hanover Street London WIR 9HF U K Phone 01-629-6471 -4 Telex: 263235 KUBOTA G

Kubota. Ltd.. Dusseldorf Office: 4000 Dusseldorf, Georg-Glock-Strasse, 14 Federal Republic of Germany. Phone 0211-450-907 Telex: 8584498 KBTA D Cable Address: KBTA-D

Kubota, Ltd.. Athens Office: 20. 28th of October Street, Filothei. Athens Greece Phone: 6825646 Telex: 214227 EXSE GR 216343 EXSE GR

Representative of Kubota Ltd. (Jakarta Office): Skyline Building 8F JL M H Thamrin No 9, Indonesia Phone 363977 Tele. 73-46630 KUBOTA JKT

Howard E. Lindberg, president of Lockstad Co. Inc., recently an- nounced the appointment of Tim- othy Drew Lindberg as vice pres- ident in charge of sales. Timothy

Lindberg is a 1980 graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy, and will be manager of sales and engineering for the East Coast of the United States.

Lockstad Co. is a leading sup- plier of chain pipe covers in the

United States, with headquarters at R.D. #2, Burnett Road, Mend- ham, N.J. 07945.

New Brochure Available

On General Electric's

Propulsion Gearing

A new 12-page brochure illus- trated in full color and outlining various applications for GE ship propulsion gearing now is avail- able. The various gears include types, MS, DT, MD, MDT, and reversing gearing.

The brochure also outlines the various prime movers and combi- nations of prime movers that can use the high-performance gear- ing.

For a copy, write to Raymond

J. Walsh, Marine Sales Manager,

General Electric Company, Dept.

MR, 1100 Western Avenue, Lynn,

Mass. 01910, and request GEA- 10824.

Marathon Offers Free 32" X 48" Full Color

Wall Poster Of Drill Rig

In an unusual gesture by a ma- jor industrial manufacturer, Mar- athon LeTourneau Offshore Com- pany of Houston, Texas, commis- sioned nationally acclaimed artist

David Kimble to paint an "insid- er's view" of one of the famed

Marathon LeTourneau offshore mobile, self-elevating jackup drill- ing rigs.

Termed "The Anatomy of a

Rig," the painting is a full color "on-site" ocean scene showing the rig with cutaway sections to de- pict the intricate workings of the complex structure. It was com- missioned in order to better reveal the details of an operating off- shore jackup drilling rig.

Reproduced in a full-color 32-

The same age!

So what's the difference? Timothy Drew Lindberg

The pipe above obviously needs replacement, soonest possible, while the Kubota cargo oil pipe, shown below it, still has several years of good service life left. When replacing the pipe in your vessels, consider that Kubota's give more than two times longer service than most others. Fifteen years of use without replacement is ample proof of their superiority. Why?

Kubota materials and methods cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The material is KCP-3L, a chrome manganese steel especially developed by this company. It is made by Kubota's exclusive centrifugal casting techniques, widely acknowledged to be of the highest technological level. The highest degree of weldability gives it the greatest facility of use. That is why fully 95",, of all Japanese tankers use Kubota cargo oil pipe. And why shipbuilders and repair docks around the world keep it on hand for installation and replacement. Write today for full information on how to raise the efficiency of your tanker operations.

The Basic Necessities Giant


Osaka Head Office: 22, Funade-cho 2-chome, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan

Cable Address: IRONKUBOTA OSAKA Telex: 526-7785 KUBOTA J. Phone Osaka 648-2168

Tokyo Office: 3. Nihonbashi Muromachi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan

Cable Address: IRONKUBOTA TOKYO. Telex: 222-6068 KUBOTA J. Phone: Tokyo 279-2111

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