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The Third International Conference and Exhibition on the Marine Transportation

Handling and Storage of Bulk Chemicals

Royal Lancaster Hotel

London, October 21-23 1980

A MariChem80

Conference Programme I his programme is subject to amendment.

Session 1

LEGISLATION AND REGULATION 1. A review of the IMCO Standards for Procedures and Arrangements for the discharge of Noxious Liquid


N. Hurford, Department of Industry, Warren Spring

Laboratory, Stevenage, Herts. 2. Operators' views on Legislation and Regulation Issues in the Chemical Shipping Industry. a. C. J. Spruyt, Gotaas-Larsen, London. b. T. G. Berkel, President, Chemical Carriers

Association, New York.

NB. Two different papers will be presented under this general heading; definitive paper titles will be given later. 3. Overflow Control — Proposals for a linked ship- shore system.

R. C. Gray, British Shipbuilders,

Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 4. Slops and residue disposal — a new approach

E. A. Stoyke, Dow Chemical GmbH,

Stade/Stadersand, Germany.

Session 2

OPERATIONS AND SAFETY 1. Explosion hazards and relevant safety measures at vapour recovery plants.

K. Schampel, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt,

Braunschweig. 2. Safety considerations relevant to shipping terminals for hazardous bulk material.

D. J. Bryce, Health & Safety Executive, London 3. Emergency planning in ports

A. A. Damsteeg, Voorschoten, The Netherlands. 4. Parcel tanker training for an effective endorsement.

G. McGuire, Hazardous Cargo Handling Unit, Leith

Nautical College. 5. Advances in special training in Norway for personnel on ships carrying liquid chemicals in bulk.

Capt. J. E. Johnsen, Ship Research Institute of Norway,

Oslo. 6. Chemical tanker training courses in the Netherlands.

A. J. Barendregt, Chemical Laboratory "Dr. A, Verwey", Rotterdam. 7. Risk analysis applied to the transportation of hazardous cargoes: some examples related to public risk.

T. K. jenssen, Det norske Veritas, Oslo. 8. How safe are chemical tankers?

D. Butcher, N.E. London Polytechnic, London.

Session 3


Panel Session

Speakers J. A. Ross, Trafpak Ltd; R. Boneham, Bell Lines

Ltd; Dipl. Ing. B. Schulz-Forberg, B. A. M.,

Berlin; P. T. Mabbit, British Railways Board;

Ch. Leclair, Department of Navigation, Paris;

M. Querci, Ministry of Transport, Paris;

Lt. K. Eldridge, U.S. Coast Guard,

Washington, D.C.

Session 4

TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENTS 1. Tank coatings — a discussion session with contributions from Clouth Gummiwerke, Camrex, Technigaz, etc. 2. A cost-benefit analysis for installation of separate deck-mounted cargo tanks on parcel/chemical carriers.

A. Wiborg, Shipping Consultants A/S, Oslo. 3. Developments in cargo pumping arrangements.

M. Mohn Westlake, Frank Mohn UK Ltd., and

M. Sigmundstad, Frank Mohn AS, Nesttun, Norway. 4. Experience with cargo monitoring systems.

Capt. A. Eian, Autronica A/S, Trondheim, Norway. 5. New developments in toxic gas detection using a silicon semi-conductor sensor.

Sema Electronics Ltd. 6. A survey of some failures typical for tanks and piping systems in austentic stainless steel. Preventative measures.

S. Evant & A. Berg, Det norske Veritas, Oslo. 7. Corrosion resistance of stainless steels to chlorinated hydrocarbons.

S. Nordin, Nyby Uddeholm AB, Uddeholm.

Conference Registration Form

Fee per delegate £186.50 (including VAT) or equivalent in other j\jame. currencies. Total fee payable must accompany this form. The

Conference fee covers attendance at all sessions, lunch on Position:

October 22 and 23, an evening cocktail/buffet party on October J\Jame. 22, a volume of Preprints of Conference Papers and full

Conference documentation. The Conference fee does not cover Position: travel, hotel accommodation or other items not listed above

Please register the following delegates to the

MariChem 80 Conference, London, October 21-23, 1980:-

Return to: MariChem Secretariat, 2 Station Road,

Rickmansworth, Herts. WD3 1QP, England.

Tel: Rickmansworth (09237) 76363. Telex: 924312.

British^bk — Official Airline airways ^ to MariChem 80


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