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If you need COW* don't take any bull! *CRUDE OIL WASHING and Inert Gas Systems require owner's consideration due to the proposal of the recent IMCO Conference on Maritime Safety & Pre- vention of Pollution. Whether for retrofit or new building, complete systems experience should be considered.

GUN A K1 CRUDE OIL WASHING is economical and efficient

GUNCLEAN has been used for Crude Oil Washing since 1967 and these days all GUNCLEAN models, old as well as new, are used for all current Crude Oil

Washing techniques. Considerable savings are real- ized due to increased cargo outturn. It reduces cor- rosion since sea water need not be introduced in 2/b rd of the tanks between dry docking. Pollution is re- duced by minimizing the amount of oil-contaminated water that must be disposed of.


INERT GAS SYSTEMS for safety and protection

Since 1962, over 300 Howden Systems have been in- stalled. COW requires IGS to protect your crew, ship and cargo. Howden's experience is available to as- sume total responsibility for complete installation which includes teams of survey engineers, necessary drawings, regulatory body approval, materials, final start-up, crew instruction and worldwide service by

SALWICO, U.S.A., Howden Engineering U.K. and

Gadelius, Japan.

Saab SUM-21 for measuring ullage of cargoes aboard ships

SAAB SUM-21 provides dependable, accurate ullage measurements during COW. There are no moving parts and no equipment in the tank to damage. A transmitter in the tank top sends a radar beam to the surface of the tank contents. The reflected signal is converted by a receiver and relayed for processing in a central unit. Alarm levels can be preset over the entire tank range. It is intrinsically safe and accurate— for crude oil, liquid hydrocarbons or water.

Salwico Oil Pollution Monitors and Salwico Gas Sampling Systems are also available to meet the needs of a total system. For experience, safety, savings and utmost efficiency, consult SALWICO.


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