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Brochure Available On

Norshipco's Three

Expanded Shipyards

The expanding capabilities of

Norfolk Shipbuilding & Drydock

Corporation's three shipyards lo- cated in Norfolk, Va., are de- scribed and pictured in a recently published four-color brochure.

Established 60 years ago, Nor- shipco has grown into a three- yard "ship repair city" with a work force of more than 3,300.

It has comprehensive in-house ca- pability for ship repair, conver- sion, and new construction, and a range of mobile services for many types of repair work on vessels outside the shipyards.

Two of the Norshipco yards—

Berkley and Brambleton—are lo- cated on branches of the Eliza- beth River; the Southern plant is on the Eastern Branch of Nor- folk Harbor. Berkley, the largest plant, is for work on major ocean- going vessels, and is the site of major expanded facilities includ- ing the giant new floating dry- dock, concrete pier, and hammer- head crane.

For a free copy of the new bro- chure write to Carlos E. Agnese,

Dept. MR, Norfolk Shipbuilding & Drydock, P.O. Box 2100, Nor- folk, VA 23501.

Cliff Drown Named

New President

Of State Boat

Cliff Drown

The board of directors of State

Boat Corporation has announced the appointment of Cliff Drown as president. Since joining State

Boat Corporation in 1974, Mr.

Drown has held a number of po- sitions with the company, includ- ing North Sea Area manager; vice president, operations; and ex- ecutive vice president.

He has worked in the maritime industry for nearly 20 years, which includes four years in the

U.S. Coast Guard, five years as a crewman on supply and geo- physical vessels, and 10 years in management.

State Boat Corporation, a rap- idly growing operator of tug/sup- ply and supply vessels, operates a fleet of 26 vessels between 150 and 210 feet in length, supporting offshore exploration production and construction.

Steam Engine Literature

Available From Skinner

Renewed interest in coal and other non-petroleum fuels has prompted Skinner Engine Com- pany to offer Bulletin STE-677 on its multi-cylinder Universal

Unaflow® Steam Engine. The com- pany has been a pioneer in design and construction of steam engines since 1868.

Skinner steam engines powered thousands of ships in the first half of this century, and there is active interest in returning to this form of propulsion.

The bulletin details the fea- tures which make the "Universal

Unaflow" a dependable, low-main- tenance method of generating electricity, driving compressors and pumps, refrigeration and air- conditioning and other equipment.

Steam engines have found wide application in petrochemical proc- essing, sugar refineries, office buildings, hospitals and many oth- er manufacturing and institution- al situations.

For free literature containing details on steam engines from 300 to 3,000 horsepower, write to C.

Douglas Herrick, Power Division

MR, Skinner Engine Company,

P.O. Box 1149, Erie, Pa. 16512. any length, every spec, anytime, everywhere.

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