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Lockheed Places $8.6-Million Order

For Colt/Pielstick Diesel Engines

The Fairbanks Morse Engine

Division of Colt Industries has received an order for four large

Colt/Pielstick marine diesel en- gines with auxiliary equipment from Lockheed Shipbuilding and

Construction Company of Seattle.

Announcement of the $8.6-million order was made by Thomas J.

Bullock, division manager-govern- ment and nuclear marketing.

The four 16-cylinder, 8,500-bhp engines represent the first ship- set of propulsion machinery for the new amphibious, LSD-41 class dock landing ship program planned by the Naval Sea Sys- tems Command. Earlier this year an order for $4.3 million was re- ceived by Fairbanks Morse for two engines of the same size and configuration with auxiliary equipment for installation in a training and testing facility at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

There, the Navy's Land Based

Test Site will be used to simulate actual operating conditions of the ship propulsion system, and for operation training.

The two engines for the test site will be shipped in mid-1981, and the four engines for the first ship will be delivered in late 1981 and in the first quarter of 1982.

When funded, the LSD-41 pro- gram will involve a number of ships, each powered with four

Colt/Pielstick diesel engines. Use of diesel propulsion in these ships offers distinct savings in fuel con- sumption. The Navy estimates that eight of the new ships, in replacing eight of an older class, will save more than 20 million gallons of fuel per year. As the diesel engines provide improved fuel consumption, the LSD-41 ships will carry less fuel and still meet cruising range requirements.

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Overall view of final assembly and test floor sections of Fairbanks Morse Engine

Division plant in Beloit, Wise., where Colt/Pielstick engines are assembled. 60.53m Offshore Supply Vessel powered by 4 x 1,600 Daihatsu engines. All instrumentation is mounted in central console in wheelhouse, giving 360° visibility.

Designed for off shore oil rig supply work, built of steel welded construction, tested and approved by the American

Bureau of Shipping Regulations for Classification plus A1 (E) and AMS and ACCU The two main engines are EMD General Motors marine diesels, each developing 2144 KW at 900 rpm.

Fully air conditioned accom. for 23.

L.O.A. 59.75m. Displacement: 1850 tonnes

Speed: 13.65

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