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Diesel Power

Review (continued from page 22) popular in commercial workboat applications. This model has achieved a reputation for high performance and dependability in crewboats, riverboats, towboats and tugs, and many commercial fishing vessels, worldwide.

For crewboat and some special fishing boat applications in which extra power is required on an intermittent basis, the turbo- charged/intercooled 12V-71TI has been the choice of many opera- tors. This model provides up to 25 percent greater horsepower at the shaft, with no significant in- crease in size or weight over the naturally aspirated engine.

This engine is also available in a low-profile configuration. De- signed for high-speed, high-out- put propulsion, the 12V-71TI Low

Profile marine engine is ideally suited for vessels requiring a com- pact, high-performance diesel in limited engine compartment space.

The Series 92 engines come in naturally aspirated and turbo- charged versions of 6-, 8-, and 16- cyinder V-type models. The Series 149 marine engines are available in 12- and 16-cylinder V-type mod- els, and also are manufactured in naturally aspirated and turbo- charged versions.

Detroit Diesel marine engines are equipped with marine gears, and heat-exchanger cooling is standard on most models. A wide selection of electrical systems is available to meet various instal- lation requirements.

Electro-Motive Division, GM

General Motors Model 645E ma- rine diesel engines, which are manufactured by the Electro-

Motive Division in La Grange, 111., now provide more than 4.8 million brake horsepower for 2,000 marine applications worldwide.

The full line of 645E diesels, in seven engine sizes, covers all ma- rine power needs from 975 to 3,600 bhp. Multiple engine drives up to 14,000 bhp also are avail- able.

Features of the 645E include: engine, reverse / reduction gear, and controls as a complete pack- age; ratios in close steps, match- ing propeller speeds; propeller speeds from 133 to 360 rpm, ba- sic standard sizes; all gears fur- nished either horizontal or ver- tical offset; built-in propeller thrust bearing; inspected and cer- tified by American Bureau of

Shipping or other inspection agen- cies ; remote controls included; available with engine and gear on common base.

With EMD's engineering re- search concentrated on the tur- bocharged model, an improved 645E7B has been developed. This new model provides an approxi- mate two percent improvement in fuel economy by improved com- bustion and thermal efficiency.

Major factors contributing to in- creased fuel economy are im- proved turbocharger and injector designs.

Other design changes include piston pin and carrier, piston pin insert bearing, camshaft, and rocker arm followers. Additional 645E7B engine design improve- ments such as laser-hardened cyl- inder liner bore and pre-stressed top piston ring increase the al- ready high reliability and main- tainability of EMD engines. These new design components can be retrofitted into EMD 645E en- gines presently in service.

EMD also supplies the highly de- pendable 645E non-turbocharged engine, with its continuing repu- tation for durability. The non- turbocharged engine, scavenged by Roots type blowers, is offered in 8-, 12-, and 16-cylinder sizes.

The turbocharged engine is avail- able in 8-, 12-, 16-, and 20-cylinder sizes.

The turbocharger of the im- proved E7B engine has the fol- lowing design changes: new tur- bine blade airfoil shape to im- prove turbine efficiency along with modified turbine blade serration for reduced operating stresses and improved reliability; new, high-efficiency compressor dif- fuser to improve compressor ef- (continued on page 26)


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