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The Above Deck

Equipment (ADE) consists of a 12 meter micro-wave antenna, stabilized against ship movement,(transmitter and receiver), and contained in a 1.69 meter diameterfiberglass radome.

The whole ADE is designed and rigorously tested for severe marine environment conditions.

The Below Deck

Equipment (BDE) has micro-processor capabil- ities, and is designed for flexible upgrading with any number of options. The modular units can be easily installed in congested radio rooms, and its electronic teleprinter is considered the most reliable marine-rated teleprinter available.


The JRC JUE-15A maritime satellite communications terminal continues a tradition of providing high performance and high reliability marine electronic equipment incorporating the latest technological advances. With the JUE-15A, the ship- owner is assured of obtaining the latest equipment available, simple to install and operate, and capable of achieving the full communication capabilities of the maritime satellite communication systems available now, or in the future.

The JRC JUE-15A uses the same proven design and quality control production techniques of its predecessor, the JUE- 5A, with improvements in performance and design features for further reliability, easier installation, operation, and maintenance.

The JRC JUE-15A satellite terminal meets the cost-benefit model through newer technology, at a lower initial investment cost and installation savings. Reduced maintenance costs from long-term reliability and an effective world-wide service support network reduce the drain on future funds. The JRC

JUE-15A terminal provides full system flexibility to provide basic telex, voice, facsimile, and data circuits and future expansion into direct real-time computer-to-computer circuits, with options available for full remote control, automatic follow on, message security storage, automatic reporting systems, and complete Fleet Data Systems. The JRC JUE-15A provides the basic building block that can be easily integrated into your corporate management and communications planning for the future.

MARITEL can conduct a "Cost Benefit Analysis" for your company, using your figures and your mode of operations, or we can provide a procedure foryour own internal analysis. With todays requirements for budget control, a realizable rate-of- return on investment must be shown to achieve a positive bottom line. With MARITEL's equipment and in-house experience, we can show you how the JRC JUE-15A satellite terminal can prove to be one of the most cost-beneficial investments a shipowner can make for the future.

The JRC JUE-15A is in full production, and available for quick delivery to meet your fitting schedule.

Please contact us for a quotation. Head Office 139 Old Solomons Island Road Annapolis, Maryland 21401 301-266-5588/261-8888 London 01-440-2014 Telex: Western Union 87-760

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