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Dakar Marine Appoints

Jackson Marine As

United States Agent

Dakar Marine in Senegal, the only major drydocking/repair yard on Africa's west coast be- tween Portugal and Cape Town, has recently appointed Jackson

Marine Corporation of New York

City as agents in the United


The shipyard, founded in 1934, has recently added a new floating drydock to its facilities. The new dock is capable of handling ves- sels up to 70,000 dwt. Other existing facilities include a grav- ing dock for vessels up to 20,000 and a Syncrolift.

The location is considered ex- tremely well placed, with Portu- gal 1,500 miles to the north and

Cape Town over 3,600 miles to

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Robert M. Catharine the south. According to Jackson

Marine president Robert M. Cath- arine, the Dakar yard is consid- ered of great interest to ship- owners calling regularly at West

African ports from the United

States and South America, as well as offshore companies operating in Nigerian waters.

Jackson Marine is also the agent in the United States for Mercan- tile-Beliard of Belgium, Hong- kong United Dockyards, Hyundai

Mipo of South Korea, and ASMAR shipyards of Chile.

Mike O'Leary Appointed

Barge Sales Manager

At Equitable Shipyards

C.M. Keeney, president of Eq- uitable Shipyards, Inc. of New

Orleans, has announced the ap- pointment of Murray (Mike)

O'Leary as barge sales manager.

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Murray O'Leary

Mr. O'Leary was formerly em- ployed as maritime sales manager with SMATCO, Inc. At the time of his appointment, he headed a new marketing program that es- tablished SMATCO as a serious competitor in the marine deck machinery field. Mr. O'Leary was also employed as area manager with W.B. Arnold Company. As barge sales manager at Equita- ble, he will be responsible for sale of river barges.

Equitable is the world's larg- est builder of barges. A recent $3-million plant expansion of equipment and facility at both shipyards has allowed their river construction facility to include a sophisticated assembly line proc- ess improving both quality and productivity. Equitable is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trinity In- dustries, Inc. of Dallas.


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