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When your life depends upon the quality of your safety equipment, it has to be the best.

ACR EPIRB UNITS -the finest made.

ACR makes a complete line of FCC approved EPIRB emergency locator beacons. These are the toughest, best constructed, most reliable units of their kind in the world.

Compact and waterproof, they will transmit emergency signals to aircraft as far as 300 miles away.

Their special magnesium battery systems have a storage life guaranteed for 6 full years (FCC requires replacement at the half-life).

All units are constructed with LED test lights which assure operating readiness. They are designed to operate for 48 continuous hours at temperatures of -20° C, and will last many days longer in warmer waters.

Models RLB-14 and RLB-15 are fully automatic and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as Class "A" EPIRB's.

There can be no compromise in the quality of your marine safety equipment. If it isn't foolproof, it isn't worth having aboard.

All our EPIRB units are utterly reliable. If they weren't, they wouldn't be ACR.

For more information, write or call: ACR Electronics,

Inc., 10-99 3901 North 29th Avenue, Hollywood, FL 33020. (305) 921-6262.


Ri all else fails.

At recent Waldorf-Astoria reception in New York, Iraklis leronimakis (left), president and managing director of the Candia International Group of Companies, greets Am- bassador Dr. A. Esmat Abdel Meguid, Permanent Resident of Egypt to United Nations.

Suez Canal And Egyptian Ports

Specialist Opens New York Office

Candia, the Piraeus-based ship- ping organization that has, dur- ing the past four years, gained international recognition for its

Suez Canal Transiting Service, has just opened a branch office in

New York City. The firm has been offering its services to American shipping operators for several years, but in the past always di- rectly from its head office in


George Whitfield, international marketing manager for the Can- dia Group, explained that the de- cision to open a branch office in the U.S. was based on the in- crease of traffic from their exist- ing American clientele. A greater proportion of this increase in business is for vessels calling at various Egyptian ports, due to renewed interest by America in

Egypt, and the consequential

A.I.D. cargoes that are finding their way daily to Egypt, partic- ularly to the very congested port of Alexandria.

Mr. Whitfield also stated that

Candia's services are unique in many ways, but particularly that the company's policy is to have a good working relationship with its customers. With this in mind, the New York office was a natural progressive move to enable the firm to keep its clients in the U.S. well informed as to what is hap- pening while their vessels are in

Egyptian ports or transiting the

Suez Canal.

This has been achieved by the installation of a direct telex leased line into its head office in Piraeus —where all operational work is carried out—as well as to its liai- son office in Port Said. This telex line, which is solely for the use of Candia, is said to be the first of its kind between New York and

Port Said. Local banking facili- ties also have been arranged.

Therefore, U.S. companies may now pay all transit or port call expenses locally in New York, avoiding the often risky business of transferring funds abroad on time. Lost funds, or late remit- tances, especially in Egypt, often hold up a vessel's progress and sailing date.

Candia represents more than 600 owners and charterers in 37 countries, handling approximately 200 ships per month either through the Canal or to any Egyp- tian port. The firm can demon- strate that it handles all aspects of a client's vessel transiting the

Canal or calling at a port — from providing initial informa- tion, estimating expenses on-the- spot, covering expenses locally in

Egypt, communicating all instruc- tions via its unique telex line, re- ceiving and relaying reports, han- dling all requirements of the ves- sel, to collecting and auditing ac- counts and refunding any credit balances in U.S. dollars.

Candia is also the official agent and representative in Continental

America (as well as Greece and the Far East) for MISR Petrole- um, the giant state-run petro- leum company. MISR supplies all grades of bunkers at the Suez

Canal and any Egyptian port.

Candia can, therefore, offer its clients in the U.S. bunkers at very competitive prices and terms.

Details of Candia's full service may be obtained from Ward Lape, manager operations, Candia Ship- ping (USA) Inc., One World

Trade Center, Suite 1611, New

York, NY 10048; (212) 466-1510.

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