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There's a FAST Marine Sewage System built to service anything that floats.

A FAST system somewhere in between these two can handle your MSD requirements. All FAST systems employ the patented fixed activated sludge treatment process which offers you mini- mum maintenance, low operating costs and reliable operation. FAST systems have been in continuous

Marine Service since 1970 in a wide variety of applications.


If you have a requirement for a Marine Sanitation

Device, write or call today for your free copy of "What Management Needs To Know About Marine

Sewage Systems" Telephone (314) 638-4000.

Telex 44-7224 ST L SHIP STL.

Shown above are (L) a FAST Model 1680-R-UV, rated for 600 persons and (R) a FAST Model

LS-1, rated for 2 to 5 persons. /ST SEWAGE SYSTEMS

St. Louis Ship Division

Pott Industries Inc. 611 East Marceau Street

St. Louis, Missouri 63111, U.S.A.

Please send me a copy of your FREE Booklet, giving all the Quick

Facts about Marine Sewage Systems. (Latest Edition with U.S. and

Canadian requirements.)

NMdsto Know About

Sewage Systems _ u SEWAGE SYSTEMS ST. LOUIS SHIP 611 EAST MARCEAU STREET, ST LOUIS. MO 63111 (314)638-4000 / TELEX 44-7224 / ST L SHIP STL

Division of Pott Industries, Inc. —An HNG Company

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