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Nickum & Spaulding 'Schooners' (continued from page 8) of fish a day. Both differ only in the deckhouse layout and some machinery. The Nickum & Spauld- ing fish boat team, headed by Paul

Gow, has designed a series of fish boats with similar lines in lengths ranging from 104 feet up. The firm also designed a 54-foot com- bination seiner/crabber now in use in Alaska. Mr. Gow said that fish boats ranging up to 140 feet and processors are now on the firm's drawing boards.

Co-owners of the Prowler in- clude the skipper, Lou Dodd;

Rudy Johanson, and Virgil Gordin.

Co-owners of the Sablefish include

Co-captain Roger Bassett, Arch

Campbell, Derry Gislason, Mr. Jo- hanson, and Mr. Gordin.

The skippers plan to keep the boats in action pot-fishing sable fish and other bottom fish nearly the year round, not only in Alaska but south to the California coast.

In addition to the blast freezer, the boats have 650-foot bait freez- ers. The forecastle also contains hydraulic power centers — Model 4-71 Detroit Diesel in the case of the Prowler, and electrically driv- en pumps for the Sablefish. The holding tanks comprise 7,535 cu- bic feet of space to accommodate 195,000 pounds of crab in circu-

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Write 351 on Reader Service Card lating seawater or 300,000 pounds of fish. Ultra-Cold refrigeration systems, designed and installed by Fabten Corporation, involve freon chilled seawater systems.

A pair of 12V-149 Detroit die- sels provide propulsion power, each engine delivering a contin- uous 675 bhp at 1,800 rpm. Kobelt provided the engine controls and

Far West Marine Electronics the alarm monitors. The Aquamet 18 shafts are driven through Twin

Disc MG 527 5.17:1 ration reduc- tion gears. The twin propellers are 72-inch, five-bladed Coolidges.

On the Prowler, two Detroit

Diesel 12-71 diesel/generators with Kato alternators put out 150 kw each at 1,200 rpm for main service power. In the Sablefish, the Detroit 12-71 diesels drive

Delco generators delivering a con- tinuous 300 kw at 1,800 rpm.

Standby generators are Model 4-71

Detroit diesels putting out 50 kw at 1,200 rpm. Far West built the main switchboards. Wagner Pneu- matic steering controls include the standard wheel amidships and jog levers port and starboard in the wheelhouse.

Overall, the boats have high houses aft, relatively high fore- castles with good flair to the bow to keep the boat dry, and broad waists that allow a clean expanse of working area on deck. Fore- castles carry the free-standing main mast and anchor wind- lasses — William Drury windlass to handle Danforth anchors on the

Prowler, and Rowe windlass and

Yaquina Boat anchors on the


Deck machinery includes Pull- master winches for main topping, main cargo, and picking booms.

Yaquina provided the pot haul- ers ; Hansen Welding and Iron

Works the pot launchers and bait choppers; and Marco the King

Coilers. Slattery 12-ton, swing- boom deck cranes are placed about midships on the port side.

Wheelhouses are relatively com- pact with Skipper's consoles to starboard, wheels and Sperry gy- ros in the center, and second steering stations with jog levers and throttle controls to port. The automatic pilots are Sperry 8Ts.

Common electronic equipment in- cludes Furuno FR-1011 radar,

RDI Bridgewatch and Radar

Watch, Ross Fisherman depth sounder, Furuno depth recorders,

InTech Mariner VHF/FM, SEA 106 SSB, and DynaMarine I.C. and Loud Hailer. Loran C equip- ment aboard the Prowler con- sists of two Northstar 6000 sets.

Aboard the Sablefish, this equip- ment includes the Simrad LC123 with CC2 navigation computer.

Main cabins on the boat decks provide spacious master's suites with aft doors opening onto the aft decks. Main deck living spaces include two 4-man staterooms, one 2-man stateroom, galley and mess area, storeroom, and freezer, with galley and dinette forward on the

Prowler and aft on the sablefish. 10 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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