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Once you round the Kannon-zaki Light, you're not far from Gulf.

You've radioed your position to JGC: due West of the

Hamakanaya-ko breakwater light. The Tokyo Wan

Traffic Center already has you on their radar

You reduce speed and enter the Uraga Suido Traffic

Route. Soon the Kannon-zaki Light bears to port.

You pass tiny Daisan-kaiho island and swing around

Daini-kaiho into the Nakano-Se channel, and you're headed at last for the harbor.

Yokohama. Still another port where you'll find pre- mium Gulf marine lubricants like Gulf Veritas Select.

This is a high alkaline reserve oil used in the crank- cases of medium speed diesel engines burning resid- ual fuels. Gulf Veritas Select is manufactured from the highest quality solvent processed base oils and selected alkaline detergents. It provides the alkalinity necessary to neutralize the acidic products of com- bustion, along with the detergency needed to maintain a high degree of cylinder; piston, bearing and crank- case cleanliness.

All of Gulf's marine products give you maximum quality, performance and bottom-line economy. They're available, backed by a complete and comprehen-. sive service capability, at ports of call throughout the world. For specifics, please contact your local Gulf representative.

Gulf Trading and Transportation Company

A Division of Gulf Oil Corporation

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