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1980 Outstanding

Vessels Review—

Kauai (continued from page 23) vessels within a 36-mile range; the results on a radar screen en- able the watch officer to plot the safest course.

The ship's five cargo holds are fitted for stowing containers up to eight abreast and six high, without intermediate supports.

Hold No. 1 has one container row,

Holds 2 and 3 each have three rows, and Holds 4 and 5 have four container rows. This configuration could be modified in the future by appropriate relocation of bolted transverse box girders and water- tight bulkheads.

Main propulsion machinery con- sists of a single cross-compound, geared steam turbine of non-re- heat design, delivering propulsion power via a six-bladed propeller.

Steam conditions at the turbine throttles are 850 psig and 950 F while exhausting to a vacuum of 1.5 inches Hg absolute. Maximum continuous power at these condi- tions is 32,000 shp at 110 rpm; normal power is 30,000 shp at 108 propeller rpm. The main reduc- tion gear is of the locked-train, double-reduction, double-helical type; main condenser is scoop- circulated.

Two boilers are installed, each of the two-drum, bent-tube, sin- gle-furnace, single-uptake, air- encased type fitted with horizon- tal convection superheater, econ- omizers, rotary air heaters, and internal submerged type desuper- heaters. Boilers are roof-fired, with two steam-atomizing burn- ers per boiler. Both boilers can operate fully automatic and un- attended over the full range of steam demand at sea and in port.

There are five stages of feed- water heating. The design in- cludes features for reducing fuel consumption at power levels of about 50 percent of maximum without imposing any penalties at normal and maximum levels. A 1,250-hp bow thruster is fitted to assist in docking.

Electrical power is supplied by two 2,500-kw ship's service gen- erators, one driven by a steam turbine, the other diesel-driven; and one 250-kw diesel-driven emergency generator.

A complete array of advanced navigation equipment has been installed aboard the Kauai. In- cluded are Loran C, radio direc- tion finder, echo depth sounder, and a satellite navigation system.

Two radars are provided. The main one is a complete S-band surface search navigational radar system, the secondary an X-band surface search system. Both have 16-inch plan position indicators with heads-up relative motion, azimuth stabilization drive, elec- tronic bearing and range mark- ers, and variable range marker.

The Sperry collision-assessment system that is provided has inter- switch capability between the main and secondary radars. Each radar system is complete and ca- pable of operating independent of the other, so that failure of any part in one cannot affect the other. 'KAUAI' MAJOR SUPPLIERS

Alco Power Inc., ship's service diesel generator

Alfa-Laval, L-0 purifier, D-0 purifier

Ametek, desuperheaters (external)

Aqua-Chem, distilling plant, distiller feed pump, 1st stage feedwater heater,

F-O heaters, main L-0 coolers, de- aerating feed tank, feedwater sample cooler, L-0 purifier heater, contami- nated evaporator

ASEA, horsepower meter

Aurora, contaminated evaporator feed pump, potable water pumps, fresh water pumps

Babcock & Wilcox, main boilers

Bird-Johnson, bow thruster

Blackmer, molasses pumps

Buffalo Forge, forced-draft blowers, vent fan

Bull & Roberts, clarity indicators

Camar, gland exhaust fan

Cutler-Hammer, motor controllers

Delaval, main condenser

Delaval Turbine, main propulsion tur- bines and gears, main thrust bearing,

F-0 service pumps, D-0 transfer & boiler cold start pumps, L-0 service and transfer pumps (continued on page 26)

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