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1980 Outstanding

Vessels Review—

Kauai (continued from page 24)

Drew Chemical, boiler water test outfit, boiler water treatment, auto hydra- zene injection metering pump

Engelhard Industries, cathodic protec- tion system

FMC Coffin, main feed pumps

Federal Pacific Electric, transformers

Ferguson, propeller

General Electric, ship's service turbo- generator, electric motors

I.T.E. Gould, switchboards

Hankinson, control air dehydrator

Hemple's Marine Paints, coatings

Honeywell, temp, sensors for F-0 tanks

Hopeman Brothers, joiner package

Hose McCann, sound-powered telephones

A.C. Hoyle, hose-handling cranes, stores cranes

ITT Barton, F-0 meter

ITT Mackay Marine, radio & associated equipment

Ingersoll-Rand, ship's service air com- pressors

Kiesling Elevator, dumbwaiter

Kocks Crane & Marine, anchor wind- lasses, mooring winches

Leslie Co., hot water heater, whistle, drain regulator, control valves

Lidgerwood Mfg., steering gear

Marine Electric, public address system

Marine Safety Equipment, boat davits & winch

McNab, salinity indicating system

Manning & Lewis, 4th & 5th stage feed- water heaters

Mapeco, propeller nut

Red Fox, sewage treatment units

Sperry, radars, gyrocompass, steering control transfer & rudder angle indicator systems

Warren Pumps, main circ. pump, main condensate pump, fire & bilge pump

Waukesha Bearing, sterntube bearing, seals & L-0 pump; line shaft bearings

Worthington, fire, ballast, general serv- ice, main bilge, salt water service, sw circ. pumps

York Division, Borg-Warner, ship's stores refrigeration plant, air conditioning plant


The LNG carrier Louisiana, 10th liquefied natural gas carrier built by General Dynamics during the past three years at its Quincy,

Mass., shipyard, was delivered re- cently to Lachmar. Earlier this year a sister ship, the Lake

Charles, was completed for the same owner, which is a partner- ship of subsidiaries of Panhandle

Eastern Pipe Line Company, Gen- eral Dynamics, and Moore Mc-

Cormack Bulk Transport, Inc.

Lachmar is 40 percent owned by Pelmar Company, a subsidiary of Panhandle Eastern; 40 percent by Pantheon, Inc., a General Dy- namics' subsidiary; and 20 per- cent by Morgas, Inc., a subsidiary of Moore McCormack Bulk Trans- port.

With a capacity of 125,000 cu- bic meters of LNG in her five spherical tanks, the Louisiana has an overall length of 936 feet, beam of 143.5 feet, depth of 82 feet, and design draft of 36 feet.

Her displacement is 95,088 long tons, and deadweight 63,600 long tons.

The main propullsion plant is a 43,000-shp General Electric geared steam turbine, driving a single Ferguson propeller at 103 rpm for a design speed of 20.4 knots. The ship's two Foster

Wheeler main boilers are arranged to burn heavy fuel oil alone or in combination with LNG cargo boil- off.

The five spherical, aluminum cargo tanks, which carry the LNG at —265 F, each have an inside diameter of 120 feet. They were fabricated at General Dynamics'

Charleston, S.C., facility and transported to the Quincy yard aboard a specially constructed barge, one at a time.

Loading/unloading time for the 125,000-cubic meter cargo is 12 (continued on page 28)





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