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shipfitting foreman. He has been employed at BIW since 1953.

Donald J. Perron was promoted to foreman of shipfitting on the ways and water, after having previously served as an assistant foreman in that area. He has been employed at BIW for 17 years.

Maurice L. Cloutier was ele- vated from assistant foreman to foreman of the paint department.

He has been employed at BIW for 23 years, starting to work on the yard after his discharge from the Marine Corps.

Cleon V. Pinkham was promot- ed to foreman of sandblasting and cleaning, previously having served as an assistant foreman in that area. He has been employed on the yard since 1958.

Kelly To Succeed Watkin

As Head Of Delaware

River Port Authority $15-Million Contract For

New Chemical Barge

Awarded To GD-Quincy

General Dynamics' Quincy

Shipbuilding Division recently re- ceived a contract, valued at ap- proximately $15 million, from

Coastwise Trading Company, Inc. of Delaware, for the construction of a 471-foot chemical carrier barge. The barge, which will transport paraxylene between the

Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast, will have a capacity of 175,000 barrels. It is scheduled for deliv- ery in late 1981.

This is the fourth barge con- tract which Quincy Shipbuilding has received from Coastwise

Trading Company within a year.

In December 1979, Coastwise con- tracted with Quincy for the con- struction of three oil-carrying barges to be used in intercoastal service.

In recent months, Quincy has been successful in obtaining new

Navy and commercial overhaul and construction contracts. Re- cently, the division was selected to build a $60-million, coal-carry- ing ship for New England Elec- tric System.



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James R. Kelly

James R. Kelly, director of the

Delaware River Port Authority's

World Trade Division and a past president of the North Atlantic

Ports Association, has been named to succeed executive director Wil- liam W. Watkin Jr. as head of the bistate agency. Mr. Kelly will also assume the new title of president when the appointment becomes effective following Mr. Watkin's retirement on May 1, 1981. The title of president will more accu- rately represent the responsibil- ities of the position, according to board chairman F. Eugene Dixon


Alfred L. Griebling, director of the Authority's Bridge Division, has been elected to serve as ex- ecutive vice president under Mr.

Kelly, also effective May 1.

Mr. Kelly first joined the Port

Authority in 1960 as assistant director of the World Trade Di- vision, and moved up to director in 1969. His entire professional career has been closely linked with the maritime trade. He has been a leader in area maritime activities since joining the Port

Authority. In addition to having served as president of the North

Atlantic Ports Association, he is a past president of the Philadel- phia Maritime Society, a director of the American Association of

Port Authorities, and executive secretary of the Delaware River

Ports' Council for Emergency Op- erations.

December 15, 1980







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