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Hitachi Zosen receives its 50 th order for a Panamax Bulk Carrier.

Hitachi Zosen's Panamax-type bulk carriers have been impressing the shipping industry ever since the first one was developed in 1968. And for years they have been receiving praise for their performance and economical advantages. In fact, today the U.S. MARAD Report rates the Panamax- type as the most efficient design for dry bulk carriers passing through the Panama Canal.

Recently, Hitachi Zosen received its 50th order for a Panamax-type ship, a 62,900 ton deadweight bulk carrier with a grain cargo holding capacity of approximately 2,640,000 cubic feet (exclus. top side tank).

This well balanced, fuel-saving ship is powered by a Hitachi-Sulzer 6RND76-M type diesel engine, and it measures 215.0 meters (length), 32.2 meters (breadth), 17.8 meters (depth) and 12.9 meters (draft).

With Hitachi Zosen you get more than sound shipbuilding. You get the experience of economic efficiency that has made

Hitachi Zosen's Panamax bulk carriers the most profitable choice afloat.

HITACHI ZOSEN: 1-1-1, Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100, Japan Phone: (03) 21 3-6611 Telex: J22363, J24490 Cable: SHIPYARD TOKYO

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Length (o.a.) 224.50 m (736.55 ft)

Length (b.p.) 215.00 m (705.38 ft)

Breadth (moulded) 32.20 m (105.64 ft)

Depth (moulded) 17.80 m (58.40 ft)

Design Draft (moulded) 12.40 m (40.68 ft)

Classification ABS • A1 (E "Bulk Carrier," "Strengthened for the Carriage of Ore Cargoes — Hold

No. 2, 4 & 6 may be Empty" and + AMS.

Gross Tonnage abt. 30,500 T

Deadweight at Design Draft 60,200 LT

Speed and Fuel Oil Consumption

Sea Speed at CSO 15.6 Knots

Sea Speed at CSO with 15% Sea Margin 15.1 Knots

Endurance for 15.1 Knots abt. 21,100 Sea Miles

Fuel Oil Consumption 48.4 T/D


Cargo Hold (Grain) (exclu. Top S T.) abt. 74,700 m3 (2,638,030 ft3)

Fuel Oil Tank abt. 3,365 m3 ( 118,840 ft3)

Fresh Water Tank abt. 430 m ' ( 15,190 ft3)

Water Ballast Tank (inclu. No. 4 hold) abt. 31,965 m1 (1,128,850 ft3)

Complement (single berth cabin for all crew) 35 Persons

Hatch Cover

Type Single Pull Steel Hatch Cover

Size Length x Breadth

Hatch No. 1 16.1 m X13.2 m

Hatch No. 2-No. 7 16.0 mx 13.2 m

Ballast Pump 800 rrv/h -:28 m 2 sets

Main Engine HITACHI-B & W7L67GFCAType

Diesel Engine 1 set




Auxiliary Boiler

Exhaust Gas Economizer

Special Features:

Stowage Factor for Design Draft

For Grain & Coal

For Ore

Panama Passage

DWT at 40 ft Draft in F.W.

Stowage Factor

Mean Draft at Ballast Condition

Light Ballast

Heavy Ballast

Optional Items:


Main Engine 15,200 psat 123 rpm 13,800 psat 119 rpm 500 kW 1.35 t/h 3 sets 1 set 1 set abt. 46.1 ft3/LT abt. 26.2 ft3/LT 57,200 LT 48.5 ft3/LT abt. 6.4 m abt. 8.4 m (21.00 ft) (27.56 ft)



Twin Bank Diesel Engine


Diesel Engine

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