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Some maritime cleaning no-how from Sea-Wash.

No cleaner like it.

Sea-Wash is a time-proven, job-tested cleaner capable of taking on the toughest heavy-duty maritime cleaning jobs with- out the hazards you usually face. There's no other cleaner available that gives you such positive results while eliminating the negative features of cleaners com- monly used in the maritime industry.

Here's just a brief summary of what you should know about Sea-Wash no-how:

No flash point.

Because Sea-Wash is a water-based liquid with no petroleum-based additives, it has no flash point. Your workers never have to worry about Sea-Wash burning under any circumstances.

No noxious fumes.

There are no smelly, noxious fumes, either. Workers can function in confined areas without fear of being overcome by fumes.

No down time.

All of which adds up to efficiency. Your workers can keep working, even under the most difficult circumstances. Welding repair can go on at the same time, in the same place, while you're cleaning. Man power is optimized. Cleaning down time is eliminated.

No residue.

Sea-Wash takes on the toughest grease, carbon or heavy oil cleaning jobs and cleans and degasses in one application without leaving any residue. So you can paint, weld or repair an area immediately.


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No milky white emulsion.

When petroleum-based cleaners or dis- persants are combined with water the common result is an obvious milky white emulsion. Not so with Sea-Wash. Mixed with water it remains clear.

No problems with biodegradability.

Sea-Wash is biodegradable. So problems with environmental contamination are drastically reduced.

No transportation hazards.

You can take Sea-Wash anywhere without worry about combustion.

No doubt about it.

Sea-Wash makes petroleum-based cleaners obsolete. It takes on the tough- est, heavy-duty maritime cleaning jobs and really performs. We've got a file full of case histories to prove our point. Yet it's hazard-free. And, because it lets you work more efficiently, it makes incredible economic sense. It's available in 55 gal- lon drums and tank cars, and our handy 5 gallon pail can be a big help at sea.

Call us or write today and give us a chance to prove that there's no maritime cleaner like Sea-Wash. Environmental

Chemicals, Inc., 487 Division Street,

Boonton, N.J. 07005. (201) 335-2828.

ECI is now adding a few select companies to our distributor organization. If interested, contact the address above.

There's no maritime cleaner that beats Sea-Wash.

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