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Heavy-Lift Derrick Barge

Can Lift Up To 400 Tons

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An innovative and versatile system using Lucker hydraulic pulling machines to operate a crane, to pull or tension as re- quired, has been incorporated into the derrick barge Mr. "2" Hooks (shown in drawing above), re- cently outfitted by its owner,

Portable Marine Structures, Inc. of Houston.

The heavy-lift barge was de- signed for medium offshore and heavy inshore work, at a rea- sonable daily cost. It features a 400-ton sheerleg derrick utilizing twin load lines. Also on the barge is a 150-ton auxiliary revolving crawler crane for general lifting and rigging requirements.

The barge will meet the de- mand for a unitized barge out- fitted for heavy lift, pull or ten- sioning operations in marine sal- vage, demolition and marine con- struction. The 180-foot-long raked bow and square stern barge has a beam of 70 feet and a depth of 12 feet. It has crew quarters and a four-point mooring system.

Each of the load lines operates independently, each utilizing a 150-ton hydraulic machine. This is an important advantage in compensating for uneven loads and reducing common sling and equalizing problems. Jibs and rig- ging can be attached to the 110- foot-long sheerleg to increase the crane's reach for other special jobs.

Ingalls Awarded Fourth

Keyes Offshore Contract

For Jackup Drilling Rig

Keyes Offshore, Inc. of Hous- ton, a major drilling rig owner and contractor to the offshore in- dustry, has contracted with Ing- alls Shipbuilding of Pascagoula,

Miss., to build another Friede &

Goldman L-780, Mod 2 jackup drilling rig. This is the fourth rig that Keyes has awarded to

Ingalls during 1980.

The rigs are designed to oper- ate in 15 feet to 300 feet of water and drill up to 25,000 feet. The 5,500-ton mobile units are 180 feet long and 275 feet wide, and have accommodations for 56 per- sonnel. This will bring the total rigs owned or operated by Keyes

Offshore to seven.

Ingalls, a designer and builder of marine structures for com- merce and defense since 1938, is the only North American con- tractor currently building the

L-780 jackups under Friede &

Goldman license. Ingalls, also a major overhauler and modifier of offshore drilling rigs and barges, is constructing the new rigs at its modern 800-acre facility in


Ingalls has a total of 14 rigs presently under contract, includ- ing ten L-780 jackups, with de- liveries extending to July 1982.

Jacksonville P.A. To Spend $25.5 Million To Expand

Blount Island Facility

The Jacksonville Port Author- ity has budgeted nearly $34 mil- lion for capital improvement projects in the coming year, ac- cording to John R. Mackroth,

Jacksonville Port Authority man- aging director. The planned ex- penditures are almost equally di- vided between the Marine and

Aviation Divisions. However, op- erating revenue will fund the greater portion of the marine projects, while federal and state government grants, if available, will be used to pay for most of the aviation improvements. "Scheduled for the Marine Di- vision is a 1,150-foot extension of the marginal wharf and ex- pansion of the container storage area at Blount Island," Mr. Mack- roth said. "This work is expected to cost $25.5 million and will take three years to complete. It will be financed in part with a $25- million revenue bond issue, $6.7 million of which will be spent in fiscal 1981."

Another $9.9 million in operat- ing funds will be used to pay for the remaining capital projects, he said. They include $3.8 million to complete an import auto process- ing complex on Blount Island on which construction was begun in fiscal 1980, and construction of a security gate and truck inspec- tion facility, utility plant im- provements, and an equipment storage complex, all at Blount

Island. $1.6 million is scheduled to be spent on land improvements to provide additional paved open storage space. The closure wharf across Slip Two will be completed but the remainder of the project, including the filling in of Slip

Two, is expected to take another two years.

W.H. Lockwood Named

Vice President For

Interocean Management

William H. Lockwood

William H. Lockwood has been elected vice president of Inter- ocean Management Corporation, it was announced recently by

George P. Steele, president of that Philadelphia-based vessel management firm. Vessels cur- rently being managed by the com- pany include, among others, two 400,000-dwt tankers, the largest built in the U.S.

Mr. Lockwood's main responsi- bility will be in special projects undertaken by the company, as well as the operations and engi- neering areas. He has been em- ployed in various capacities with- in Interocean Management and predecessor companies since 1967.

His duties have included opera- tions superintendent, manager of ship construction, and most re- cently, assistant vice president in charge of a newly formed foreign operation.

Bench-Mounted Bender

For Metric Tube

Introduced By Voss

A portable hand tube bender designed for metrically dimen- sioned tube has been introduced by Voss, Incorporated, Columbus,

Ohio. The bender mounts conven- iently in any standard vise to bend steel, aluminum, and copper tubes with minimum effort.

Made of high grade, rust re- sistant carbon steel, the Voss bender uses lightweight die seg- ments that can be changed quick- ly to accommodate tube sizes of 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, and 22- millimeter OD.

In addition to metric tube bend- ers, Voss manufactures precision metric steel tube fittings, fully annealed seamless steel tubes in metric sizes, made-to-order hy- draulic hose assemblies, and high- pressure ball valves.

For further information on

Voss products,

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