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Ingalls Shipbuilding Promotes

Three To Vice Presdent Posts

Three senior management per- sonnel at Ingalls Shipbuilding in

Pascagoula, Miss., have been named vice presidents of the com- pany. Leonard Erb, president of

Ingalls and senior vice president of Litton Industries, has an- nounced the promotion of Edwin

B. Robbins, David B. Wright and

Wayne D. Stinnett.

Mr. Robbins, who has been with

Ingalls for 13 years, has been pro- moted to vice president of admin- istration. After joining the com- pany in 1967 as director, con- tracts administration, he ad- vanced through several contracts management positions including director, DD-963 and LHA con- tracts, to director of administra- tion in 1979.

Mr. Wright came to Ingalls in 1966 as a communication and con- trol consultant to Litton. He joined Ingalls two years later as communication and control sec- tion manager on the FDL pro- gram. After advancing through several positions in both the DD- 963 and LHA programs, Mr.

Wright became DD-993 program manager in 1976. In mid-1979, he ^RJLI SA\

TIME AND moved to the newly formed In- dustrial Products Division as de- velopment director. He became director of industrial products later that year, before assuming his new position as vice president, railcar production.

Mr. Stinnett, employed with

Ingalls since 1970, joined the com- pany as systems engineering di- rector for the LHA program. In 1971, he was appointed special assistant to the LHA program manager. He became director of quality engineering and systems in 1971, and assumed the job of quality assurance director in 1978.

His new position is vice president, quality assurance.

New Searchlight Announced

By Phoenix Products-

Literature Available

A rugged new lever-operated "Super-Searchlight" is announced by the Super-Marine Division of

Phoenix Products Company, Mil- waukee, Wis.

Using a powerful, energy-sav- ing halogen cycle sealed beam ffl lamp, the new fixture tilts 55 de- grees above and 30 degrees below horizontal, and rotates 400 de- grees to provide for safe passage under bridges, maneuvering near offshore rigs, pulling in trawls and nets, and other critical mar- itime operations. Designed for extremely rough conditions, Su- per-Searchlight has a patented lamp holder with floating shock- isolation diaphram that insures extended (400 hours or more) lamp life.

Constructed entirely of corro- sion-resistant material, the fix- ture carries the UL listing "595

Saltwater Service," and meets

IEEE 45 and U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Other features in- clude special nylon bearings throughout, moisture-proof roof seal, and quick-change relamping in port or underway.

For additional information and free literature on the Super-


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McDermott Acquires

Welding Equipment And

Technology From Price

McDermott Incorporated has announced its acquisition of au- tomatic pipeline welding equip- ment, technology, and related li- cense rights from H.C. Price Com- pany. Included were five auto- matic pipeline welding spreads that will be installed aboard Mc-

Dermott pipelaying barges. Each of the five spreads can handle pipe ranging in size from 20-inch coating outside diameter to 62- inch coating outside diameter, and can weld and lay up to 230 joints a day. This equipment has been used to lay more than 100 miles of pipe in various countries, in- cluding the Ninian Field in the

North Sea, the Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) in Louisiana, and also on pipelines for Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX).

The systems use the gas metal arc (MIG) welding process at four to six welding stations. At each station, there are four weld heads which operate simultaneously and the system uses a narrow groove weld joint design.

The acquisition provides Mc-

Dermott with the flexibility to offer its customers both its own proprietary system that utilizes the tungsten inert gas (TIG) weld- ing process as well as the above gas metal arc (MIG) system.

MarAd Approves Title XI

On Gulfdrill Jackup

Costing $22.7 Million

The Maritime Administration has approved in principle an ap- plication by Gulfdrill Limited I for a Title XI guarantee to aid in financing a mat-supported, jack- up drilling rig, Gulfdrill I. The mobile rig was specially designed and equipped for exploration drill- ing on the continental shelf of the

United States. It was built by

Bethlehem Steel Corporation.

The estimated actual cost of the rig is $22,695,400, with the approved guarantee to cover up to 75 percent of that amount, or $17,021,000.

McNab Announces Fuel

Management System-

Literature Available

McNab, Inc., Mount Vernon,

N.Y., has just introduced a com- puterized fuel management sys- tem as an answer to skyrocket- ing fuel costs. The McNab 63000 onboard system automatically re- ceives instantaneous operating data on shaft horsepower and ship's speed. It calculates fuel consumption costs from these and other parameters, and utilizes fixed costs of the voyage and rev- enue from the voyage to give a continuously up-dated display of profit in dollars and in percent at various speeds in knots. Immedi- ate decisions can be made from this data concerning the most eco- nomical steaming speed.

Each 63000 system is pro- grammed by McNab for the ship's specific characteristics, such as draft forward and aft. The sys- tem is applicable to either diesel or steam-powered vessels. It comes self-contained with its own computer, or can use a ship's present onboard computer.

According to McNab, the 63000 fuel management system can pay for itself in as little as 90 days in fuel cost savings.

For further information and free literature on the 63000 sys- tem,

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