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Arendal Yard Completes

Jackup Drilling Rig

For Swedish Owners

Gotaverken's Arendal yard in

Sweden recently delivered a jack- up type drilling rig to a group of

Swedish owners — Salen Energy,

Salenia, and VBB. This is said to be the first rig of Friede and

Goldman L-780 design ever built.

It has been constructed to Amer- ican Bureau of Shipping classifi- cation.

The new rig, named Salenergy

V, will be towed to the Gulf of

Mexico where it will be operated by Salen Offshore Drilling Com- pany (SODOC) of Houston, start- ing in February 1981. A three- year charter contract has been signed with Atlantic Richfield

Company (ARCO).

The Salenergy V is capable of drilling in water depths to 250 feet and has a drilling capability of 20,000 feet. It has an overall length of 180 feet and overall width of 175 feet; the legs are 352 feet long including spud cans.

Three similar rigs are under construction at the Arendal yard, two for Protexa of Mexico and one for Salen Energy; all three are scheduled for delivery during 1981.

Provo Named Sales

Manager At Colmac Coil

Bob Provo has been named sales manager of Colmac Coil

Manufacturing in Colville, Wash., by Roger McMillan, president.

Mr. Provo brings 16 years' expe- rience in sales of heating and air- conditioning to Colmac Coil.

Bob Provo

In 1964, he joined Westing- house in San Francisco as a sales engineer in their heating and air- conditioning division. In 1969, he became Westinghouse territorial manager for southern California,

Arizona, and Nevada. Ten years after joining Westinghouse, he was promoted to manager of cus- tomer service at the division headquarters in Norma, Okla. In 1976, he was promoted to head one of Westinghouse's two zones, the northern zone, headquartered in St. Louis. From this position, he joined Colmac Coil.

At Colmac, Mr. Provo will be in charge of all sales, with em- phasis in establishing manufac- turer's agents in the United

States and Canada.

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SSB Antenna Introduced

By Phelps Dodge-

Literature Available

A 2-30 MHz, single-sideband marine antenna recently intro- duced by Phelps Dodge Commu- nications Company is described in new literature now available.

The new Model PD-230 is pre- sented as a major design break- through that eliminates the need for traps and tuners required by conventional marine antennas now utilized for single-sideband, high-frequency applications. The elimination of traps and tuners is the result of the incorporation of a factory-sealed, impedence- correcting module in the base of the antenna. This module con- verts the highly reactive imped- ence of the radiating element to a nominal 50 ohm impedence at the antenna input connector.

Phelps Dodge Communications

Company is one of the six oper- ating units of Phelps Dodge In- dustries, Inc., the manufacturing subsidiary of Phelps Dodge Cor- poration, which is one of the larg- est producers of copper in the U.S.

For free copies of the PD-230 literature,

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Making a big ship bigger is the job for a real shipyard.

Newport News , r .... LTENNEC0J


A Tenneco Company


We coined the term and jumboized our first ship in 1956. Since then we've jumboized 24 ships ...more than the rest of the

U.S. industry combined. No other shipyard in the entire world can match our facilities, our people, our jumboizing experience.

We have an engineering and design staff of 2,000...and a total work force of 24,000 conscientious craftsmen.

We have 8 piers up to 1200 feet...deep-draft graving docks from 650 to 1600 feet long and 92 to 250 feet wide...300,000 sq. ft. of machine acre steel fabrication center... a foundry that specializes in pouring marine castings.

We have nearly a century of shipbuilding and ship repair experience and we have the critical knowledge of regu- lation standards and regulatory bodies.

We can produce any size jumbo...bulk tanker, cargo vessel, container ship, spec- ial product carrier. We have more experience than any other U.S. yard in designing, installing and testing inert gas systems, crude oil washing systems, segregated ballasts and other modifications to meet

IMCO standards.

If you're consider- ing a jumboizing job or upgrading to meet regu- latory requirements, call us.

Newport News Shipbuilding.

Newport News, Virginia 23607. (804) 380-2600/Telex 82-3453.

TWX 710-880-0007.

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