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Our aluminum marine anodes are designed to wear out.

All marine anodes are designed to wear out.

But our aluminum anode performance for pro- tection of steel offshore platforms can be pre- dicted with a high degree of success. Many years of intensive R&D led to the introduc- tion of our two new maximum-performance alloys and to the construction of our modern 10,000,000-pound/year anode manufactur- ing facility.

Take your choice. KA90, Al-Zn-Sn type anode (without mercury), tested to have an average current output of 1176 amp-hours/ pound. Voltages range from 1.07vto 1.15v. Or,

KA95, Al-Zn-Hg type (with mercury), tested to have an average current output of 1285 amp- hours/pound and a voltage of over 1.05v.

Both KA90 and KA95 aluminum marine anodes for corrosion protection are available in sizes up to 1100 pounds. Every heat must qualify for acceptance by going through our

Q-7 seven-point quality control program.

Ask for our 20-page brochure which in- cludes an anode-selection nomo- graph and other important de- sign data. Write Kaiser Chemicals, 300 Lakeside Dr., Oakland, CA, 94643. Attn.: W.A. Sorensen

KB 2039. Or call (415) 271-5580.




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