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NOR-SHIPPING '81 (continued from page 20) itime field. Leading representa- tives from government and pri- vate industry will discuss the pos- sibilities of establishing a con- structive framework for the fu- ture maritime relations between these sectors. Under the chair- manship of Sven H. Salen, chair- man, Saleninvest AB, Stockholm, and president of the Swedish

Shipowners' Association, the gen- eral theme for this section will be Cooperation in Shipping—the

Need for an International Ap- proach.

Developing and Developed

Countries—Partners or Adversar- ies in the Future?: Larime Fa- dika, minister of shipping, The

Ivory Coast; Brian P. Shaw, chairman, Committee of Euro- pean National Shipowners' Asso- ciation (CENSA) ; and a third speaker, to be announced, repre- senting the International Cham- bre of Commerce (ICC).

Cooperation on the Industry

Level—What Is in it for Develop- ing Countries ?: Arsenio Carlos

Nobrega, director, Empresa de

Navegacao Alianca, S.A., Brazil;

J.P.J. Besman, L.D. Travel Inter- national (Ship Freight) Ltd.; and

Atle Jebsen, vice chairman, The

Norwegian Shipowners' Associa- tion.


Section III will focus on the current energy situation and ad- dress different ways of reducing energy bills. With the soaring cost of oil and rapidly rising prices for all sorts of energy sup- plies, the question of fuel econo- mization has become a very im- portant one. This section will be chaired by Bjorn Wilhelmsen, managing director, Nortank-

Sigurd Sverdrup A/S.

Coal and Oil Reserves in the 80s: Prof. Vidkunn Hveding,

C.E., Oslo. This presentation will contain estimates of the existing coal and oil reserves available this decade. Of particular inter- est are the North Sea reserves, which seem to be a vast resource where technical and political de- cisions could be a hindrance.

What Can Be Done To Exist- ing Tonnage To Save Energy?:

Carsten Boe, Det norske Veritas; and Arnold Kr. Hansen, manag- ing director, The Ship Research

Sjolyst Exhibition Centre in Oslo is site of Nor-Shipping '81 8th International Ship- ping Exhibition and Seminar. Complex has total net exhibit area of approximately 10,000 cubic meters (9,500 indoors).

Institute of Norway. The two speakers will discuss possibilities of saving energy in existing ton- nage, concentrating on methods to improve machinery perform- ance and reduce hull friction.

Coal Burning as Fuel in New

Vessels: W.F. Ellis, principal con- sultant, W.F. Ellis and Associates

Pty, Ltd. There are different theories on how coal can be uti- lized as fuel in new ships, but very few vessels have actually been ordered and only a handful are in service today. The speaker will report on the operation of coal-fired ships and the criteria needed for a successful project.

The final Section IV will deal with manning of ships, education of ship's personnel, and ship safe- ty in general. The two introduc- tory speakers and the four pan- elists are internationally well- known experts in this field. The session will be chaired by Egil

Abrahamsen, president of Det norske Veritas.


List of Exhibitors*

Aberdeen Harbour Board

Aker Group

Aker Products

Aker Trondelag A/S

Akerpanel A/S

Alfsen & Gunderson A/S

Andersen & Odegaard A/S

Ankerlokken Gruppen

Aqua Teknikk A/S

Arentz & Amundsen A/S

Arnesen, Christensen & Company A/S


Asec A/S

Atlantic Diesel A/S

Aukra Bruk A/S

Autronica Marine Automation

BT Cabindoors-Baggerods Trevarefabrikk


Beha-Hedo A/S

A.S. Bergens Mek Verksteder

Bergsli A/S

Berner & Larsen A/S

Bjorshol Mek. Verksted A/S

Blohm + Voss AG

Bolsones Verft

Brannvernanlegg A/S

Brazil Export

British Shipbuilders

Brodr. Brunvoll Motorfabrikk A/S

Bruusgaard & Blindheim A/S

Bulten-Kanthal AB


Chris-Marine AB

Christiania Bank og Kredittkasse

A/S Clausen, Kaldager & Company

Corrintec Scandinavia A/S

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Heavy Machinery

Danfoss A/S

Brodrene Davidsen Shipelectro A/S

Det norske Veritas

A/S Edco

Eisenwerke Reintjes GmbH

Elektrisk Bureau

Elkem-Spigerverket A/S

A/S Eltek

Euroclean A/S

Fekete & Company A/S

Finnish Foreign Trade Association

Olaf Fjeldsend A/S

A/S Frydenbo Mek. Verksted

GEA Luftkuhlergesellschaft

W. Giertsen A/S

Glamox A/S

Ing. Firma K.E. Gleditsch

Golar Metall

Grandi Motori Trieste

Gotaverken Arendal AB

Gotaverken Cityvarvet AB

Hafen-u. Verkehrsbetriebe der

Landeshauptstadt Kiel

Peder Halvorsen A/S

Harding A/S

A/S G. Hartmann

Erik B. Hasvold

AB Hedemora Verksteder

Hjelset Motorfabrikk A/S

Holec Gas Generators

A/S Horten Verft

Kelvin Hughes A/S

Hydranor Trading A/S

A/S Hydraulik Brattvaag

Hytek A/S, Ingeniorer

Hyundai Corporation

Idhammar Konsult AB


International Farvefabrikk A/S

Inchape Export Limited

Interpower A/S

Intraship Ltd. A/S lotron Corporation


Japan Ship Exporters' Association

Japan Ship Machinery Export Association

The Axel Johnson Group

Karmoy Mek. Verksted A/S

The Kihlinvest Group

Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz AG

Kockums AB

Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk A/S

Finn Koren & Company A/S

N.O. Krog Andvik A/S

Fried. Krupp GmbH, Krupp Atlas


Kvaerner Group

Laholm Stal A/S

A/S Langesund Verft

Irgens Larsen A/S

Olof Lindstedt & Company AB

O.B. Linaae

Lloyd's of London Press Ltd.

Lohmann & Stolterfoht GmbH

Lovland & Company A/S


MacGregor Scandinavia A/S

Marine Engineering/Log

Maritime Protection A/S

Hans A. Mathiesen A/S

Metos-Scheller A/S

Micor Systems A/S

A/S Moelven Brug

Frank Mohn A/S

Nauteknikk A/S


Navimpex-Centrala Navala

Navire Cargo Gear

Newage Norge A/S


Norges Handels og Sjofartstidende

A/S NorMar

A/S Nor-Marine

A/S Norsk Elektrisk & Brown Boveri

Norsk Hydro A/S

Norsk Hydro Verksteder Rjukan

A/S Norsk Pumpeindustri

A/S Norsteel

Norwegian Shipping News

Dusseldorfer Messegellschaft mbH

Pay & Brinck A/S

Pervaco Systemer A/S

Port Weller Dry Docks

Province of Groningen, Nederland

A/S Pusnes Marine & Offshore Services

Pyrofabrikken A/S

Zahnraderfabrik Renk AG

Helge Ringdal A/S

Rochem Ships Equipment A/S

Rotator Norway A/S 3-S/NSFI

SF Norge A/S

Saab Marine Electronics

Salen & Wickander AB

Samsung Shipbuilding Company Ltd.

Sandvik Norge A/S

Schichau Unterweser AG


Seasafe Transport A/S

Per Selvig A/S

Shipping Research Services A/S

Shipping World & Shipbuilder

Simrad Trading A/S

Sj of a rtsd i re kto ra t e t / OI j e d i re kto ra tet

Bjarne Sjong & Company A/S

Skanti Radio A/S

A/S Skarpenrod

Association of Danish Shipbuilders

Skip og Maskin A/S


Societe Alsacienne de Constructions

Mecanique de Mulhouse

Sperre Mek Verksted A/S

SPM Instrument A/S

Standard Telefon og Kabelfabrikk A/S

Bertel O. Steen A/S

Stord Elektro A/S

Stork-Werkspoor Diesel B.V.

Stromag Norge A/S

Sulzer Brothers Ltd.

AB Svenska Flaktfabriken

Swedish Export Council

Swedyards/Svenska Varv AB

Syberg & Syberg A/S

Sigurd Sorum A/S

Tanksystem A/S

Technocommerz GmbH

Teknisk Presse A/S

Teknisk Service A/S

Telaeg Aksjeselskap

A/S Tenfjord Mek. Verksted

Tenvig Offshore A/S

Tofte & Jorgensen A/S

Total Transportation Systems (Int.) A/S

Tranberg A/S

Transocean Marine Paint

Turbo-Technik GmbH

Turners of Shettleston Ltd.

Uddehoim Stal A/S

Unitor Ships Service A/S

Volvo Norge A/S

West Norway Shipbuilders Association

A/S Westad Armaturfabrik

Thor Westad A/S

Weswitco A/S

A/S Wichmann

Witt & Borgen A/S

Wartsila Diesel Division

Oy Wartsila AB, Shipbuilding Division * As available at press time. 22 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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