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John Papp Appointed

Staff Meteorologist

At Fleetweather

Tore H. Jakobsen and James

F. Witt, owners of Fleetweather,

Inc., have announced that John

Papp has joined the staff as staff meteorologist. Mr. Papp's respon- sibilities will include preparation and dissemination of in-port and offshore forecasts for the firm's customers.

Fleetweather, Inc. specializes in providing detailed weather con- sultation for safe and cost-effec- tive terminal and offshore opera- tions on the U.S. East and Gulf

Coasts. The firm's customers in- clude more than 100 steamship companies, stevedores, and agents. All operations originate at the firm's headquarters in

Hopewell Junction, N.Y. $5-Million Contract

Awarded By South Jersey

Port Corporation

The South Jersey Port Corpo- ration recently awarded a con- tract for $5,152,500 to Raymond

International Builders of Rochelle

Park, N.J., the low bidder, for construction of the final 540 feet of the Beckett Street Terminal

Wharf extension, Camden, N.J.

This contract is part of an over- all $16-million modernization and improvement program designed to increase the port's tonnage han- dling of bulk, general, and con- tainerized cargo.

The major project is the 740- foot extension of the Beckett

Street Wharf, which will give the terminal a fourth berth. Last year, using three berths totaling 1,550 feet, the terminal handled 1,085,786 tons of cargo, making it one of the most efficient ter- minals in the country.

South Jersey Port Corporation board chairman Edward J. Mc-

Manimon said the total cost of the extension is approximately $7 million, and the port spent an ad- ditional $1.1 million for the re- moval of the collapsed Spruce

Street Pier.

William Ball Appointed

North American Sales

Manager For SRS

William C. Ball has been ap- pointed North American sales manager for Separation and Re- covery Systems, Inc. (SRS) it was announced by Joseph De Franco, president of the company. Mr.

Ball was formerly marketing manager of Western Filter Com- pany, responsible for all sales and distribution activities, and prior to that was associated with Torite

Filter Company, Jepco Sales, and

Purolator Aerospace and Indus- trial Division.

SRS and its Sarex product line is based in Irvine, Calif., and is a leading manufacturer and dis- tributor of oil pollution control equipment, with offices in London and Tokyo. Technical and service representatives are located in most major seaports.

New Publications Catalog

Available From SNAME

The Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers has announced that its 1981 Publica- tions Catalog is now available at its headquarters office. The handy- size booklet lists the many

SNAME publications in print, and introduces by abstract, seven new technical publications from its

Technical and Research program.

The last two Spring Meeting/

STAR Symposia are also abstract- ed. In addition, the catalog lists the Society's books, periodicals, and 97 previously published T&R guides, reports, and data sheets.

All SNAME publications are modestly priced, and almost all offer a 33-percent discount to

SNAME members. For additional information, contact the Publica- tions Department at One World

Trade Center, Suite 1369, New

York, N.Y. 10048.

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