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Wellner, who is director of op- erations.

This qualified and experienced staff is available in all areas of engineering, surveying, and trans- portation consulting.

New Bulletin Available

On Twin Disc Line

Of Power Takeoffs

Twin Disc, Incorporated, Ra- cine, Wis., one of the world's largest manufacturers of heavy- duty industrial power transmis- sion products, has announced the availability of Bulletin 308 cov- ering its line of power takeoffs.

This eight-page bulletin contains specifications, dimensional data, and allowable side-pull load ta- bles for standard PTOs.

Twin Disc standard PTOs cov- er a range from single plate 6y2- inch to triple plate 21-inch sizes.

Models are available for installa- tions up to 1,225 horsepower in normal duty applications.

For a free copy of Bulletin 308,

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The largest builder of small ships in Australia

Our modern flow-line shipyard has all the extras:

On site fabrication shop/machine shop, superb building & launch facilities, 'in house' computer system handling 32 operating channels, computer based N.C. Cutting and we are in close proximity to major suppliers.


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Carrington Slipways Pty.Ltd

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Tel: Newcastle 64 8071 Telex: 28185 Cable: Carrslips.

European Agent European Marine & Machinery Agencies. Middle East Sales Manager John Skelton, PO Box 4134 60 Brookley Road. Brockenhurst Hants, S047RA U K Nicosia Cyprus Telex 2332 Mickys Attn Skelton

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Los Angeles SNAME Discusses

Liquid Level Gauging By Radar

IHI Delivers Suction Dredge

And Tug To Mexican Government tions for 74 crew members. The tugboat will be used for towing the dredger and for other various jobs at the dredging site.

The Veracruz II has an overall length of 336.3 feet, beam of 57.4 feet, and depth of 16.4 feet. Max- imum dredging depth is 82 feet to a nominal discharge distance of 8,200 feet. There are two cutting motors, each of 700 kw dc.

Powered by two diesel engines each of 836 bhp, the tug RD-26 has an overall length of 83.3 feet, beam of 23.6 feet, and depth of 10.5 feet. Trial speed was 12.9 knots. for dredging work at Mazatlan

Port in Mexico, which will be car- ried out by the Mexican Govern- ment as a part of its expansion project of ports and harbors on the Pacific Coast in Mexico. The up-to-date cutter suction dredger is equipped with a powerful cut- ter, suction auxiliary ejector sys- tem, spud buffering system, trav- eling deck crane, and accommoda-

New Consulting Firm

Formed By Thomas

Keenan And David Walton

Thomas Keenan, president, and

David Walton, vice president, have established International

Marine Consultants, Inc., a tech- nical organization geared to ma- rine operational and technical problems.

Bob Young recently joined the technical staff along with Robert

The Los Angeles Metropolitan

Section of The Society of Naval

Architects and Marine Engineers gathered for a recent meeting aboard the converted cruise ship

Princess Louise berthed in Los

Angeles Harbor. The subject of the evening's technical paper, "Radar — A New Approach to

Level Gauging," is as current to ship technology as the joggled and riveted frames and webs of the Princess Louise are archaic.

Gorjan Martensson of Saab-

Scania prepared and presented the timely paper to acquaint those present with his company's solu- tion to the problem of accurately and reliably measuring liquid lev- els in ship cargo tanks. He began by outlining the various measur- ing systems in current use, and detailed the qualities and defici- encies he felt were inherent to each. The author went on to de- tail the theory of the Saab-Scania radar system that, according to

Mr. Martensson, overcomes the problems of existing systems by limiting the incursion of the de- vice into the harsh environment of tanks to radio frequency waves.

The author concluded his presen- tation by candidly describing the trials associated with developing a new system for shipboard use.

Shown with model of the Princess Louise during recent meeting of SNAME Los

Angeles Metropolitan Section are (L to R): Charles Heil, Sections representative;

Gorjan Martensson, author; George Stiehl, vice chairman; and Ned Stewart, chair- man of the Section.

Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

The Veracruz II (shown above), a 4,500-bhp cutter suction dredg- er, has been delivered to Secre- taria de Comunicaciones y Trans- portes, Mexico, by the Aichi

Works of Ishikawajima-Harima

Heavy Industries Company, Ltd. (IHI), Japan. The RD-26, a 1,672- bhp tugboat to be attached to the dredger, has also been delivered.

The new dredger will be used

Designed for off shore oil rig supply work, built of steel welded construction, tested and approved by the American

Bureau of Shipping Regulations for Classification plus A1 (E) and AMS and ACCU. The two main , engines are EMD General Motors marine 1 diesels, each developing 2144 KW at 900 rpm.

Fully air conditioned accom. for 23.

L.O.A. 59.75m. Displacement: 1850 tnnnes jaw .-»»*

Speed: 13.65

LADY ANN 60.53m Offshore Supply Vessel powered by 4 x 1,600 Daihatsu engines. All instrumentation is mounted in central console in wheelhouse, giving 360° visibility.

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