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Equipment Review — Furuno (continued from page 24) 3-foot SWG radiator. The built- in transceiver puts the full 3-kw peak power right at the antenna for sharp echo returns under all sea and weather conditions.

Installation of the FR-240 is simple. The wedge base permits display mounting on tabletop, bulkhead, or overhead. Each ra- dar is provided complete with in- stallation kit, viewing hood with integral magnifier, and a spares kit. Normal operation is from 12, 24 or 32 volts dc at a power drain of only 80 watts.

Furuno also manufactures a high precision ADF, the FD-120; an ADF for small craft, the FD- 171; an automatic YHA direction finder, the FD 521; an all elec- tronic Loran navigator and video plotter, the LC 30 receiver/proc- essor and the GD 101A CRT plot- ter ; a high-performance radar, the FR-360; a new dome type ra- dar, the Model 1600; and the Se- ries Seven and Ten radar family.

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Henschel Corporation, Ames- bury, Mass., designs, develops, and manufactures ship control and interior communication sys- tems and equipment for naval and commercial vessels. Commer- cial marine products include en- gine order equipment, throttle controls, bell loggers, digital mas- ter clocks, shaft and rudder indi- cators, sound-powered telephones, audible signals, alarm/indicator panels, automatic whistle timers, and fire alarm systems.

Henschel's naval product lines are ship control consoles, throttle controls, order/indicating equip- ment, digital indicators and mas- ter clock systems, ship's course indicators, synchro signal ampli- fiers, electrical hardware, switch- boards, and submarine steering/ diving instrumentation. Recently developed products use microproc- essors and the latest solid-state synchro conversion technology.

All products are sold worldwide.

Manufacturing plants are located in Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and


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April 15, 1981


In the early 1930s, it was un- heard of to have a reliable interi- or communication system aboard ship until two marine electricians originated the world's first sound- powered telephone system for ma- rine use. The originators, Charles

G. Hose and Thomas J. McCann, were the founders of the Hose-

McCann Telephone Company, Inc.

Together they pioneered the use of sound-powered telephones to be a safe, reliable, and rugged communication system.

Now, more than 45 years later,

Hose-McCann is proud to continue in its tradition as the leader in the field of marine interior com- munication equipment. Other

Hose-McCann products include fully automatic dial telephone systems, rudder angle indicators, navigation light panels, engineer's (continued on page 29) 27

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Hartzell marine fans meet MarAd specifications S38-1-101,

S38-1-102, and S38-1-103. Motors are available for above and below deck operation to meet IEEE45, U.S.C.G., and A.B.S. regulations. And in addition to complying with all official marine requirements, we make our fans even more seaworthy with hot dip galvanizing and special corrosive resistant coatings.

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