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centration. Standard features in- clude off-centering, auto and man- ual STC, FTC, ranges 0.3-72N.M.,

VRM, EBL, performance monitor,

Nav-lines (30), trial maneuver, visual and audible alarms, post tract vectors, manual and auto target acquisition, dangerous sec- tors, guard zones, self-checked on- board servicing, and log or dop- pler speed input.

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The MX 1102 from Magnavox was the first commercially avail- able satellite navigation system to use a microprocessor instead of a computer. With its advanced built-in program, the MX 1102 is so easy to use that it requires only a few hours of operator fa- miliarization. The receiver, mi- croprocessor, and CRT data dis- play are housed in a single table- top, bulkhead, or overhead mount- ed unit that is no larger than a portable TV set. A small antenna/ preamp mounts above deck in any relatively unobstructed location.

Navigation information is clear- ly displayed in digital form re- quiring no special charts or man- ual computations. Conventional

SatNav data such as latitude, longitude, and Greenwich Mean

Time (GMT) is supplemented with such information as distance trav-

Fluid Film Gel B Exotic Coatings

None to minimum surface preparation

Sandblasting required

Can be applied to damp surface.

Dry surface required.

Needs only one coat Two to three coats required

No curing time needed 48 hours curing time necessary

Over 400°F flash point during application. 110°F flash point during application

Three-year no-rust guarantee.

No other guarantees known

Chart comparison based on n-service ballast tank applications 'This guarantee does not cover applications where our specifications were not followed or to in-service vessels where Fluid Film may have been applied over loose, non-adhering rust/scale It also does not cover any area where the material was removed




World Headquarters 234 Lawrence Avenue, South San

Francisco, CA 94080, Tel: (415) 761-3536, Telex: 349-465

Gulf Coast Division 9630 Clarewood Drive. Space C-5,

Houston, Texas 77036, Tel: (713) 772-3772 • Mr D Petticrew

East Coast Division Rouse Tower, Suite 4000, 6060 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News. Virginia 23605

Tel: (804) 380-8220


Singapore/Brunei Lindeteves-Jacoberg (Far East) Re

Ltd , No. 1 Commonwealth Lane, P.O. Box 1058, Singapore, 3, Telex: 21421, Tel: 647191 • Mr A. J. Cathery

Kota Kinabalu Lindeteves-Jacoberg (Sabah) Sdn

Bhd , 5, Tanjong Lipat Road, P.O. Box 369, Kota Kinabalu,

Sabah, Malaysia, Telex: 80031, Tel: 55611 & 55612 •

Mr Th. Broeksma

Kuala Lumpur Lindeteves-Jacoberg (M) Stn

Bhd P.O. Box 369, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Telex. 37579,

Tel: 775511 • Mr J. G Bouma

Japan Nichimen Company, Ltd., 15, Nakanoshima 2-Chome, Kita-Ku, Osaka 530, Japan, Telex: 63247, Tel: (06) 345-2111 • Mr Y Sawada

United Kingdom Highgate & Job Ltd., 60 Murray Street,

Paisley, Scotland PA310H, Telex: 77189. Tel 041 -889-3207 •

Mr John Hicks

Highgate & Job Ltd., 35 Regent Road, Liverpool, England

L5 9TB, Telex 629264 • Mr M C Cameron

Federal Republic of Germany Alfred Hodt, Postfach 11 15 26, Hopfenmarkt 33,2000 Hamburg 11, Federal Republic of Germany, Telex: 211088, Tel: (040) 362521 • Mr. B. Schultz

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Sweden and Finland Henning Stenbeck AB, P O

Box 23 S 182 51 Diursholm, Sweden, Telex 10270, Tel (08) 755-2775 • Mr Bengt Bergstrom

Norway and Denmark A/S Bergstrom & Co ,

Gravdalsveien 14, Oslo 7. Norway, Telex 11772, Tel: 225872 • Mr. Arild Ronne

Rust is the cancer.

Fluid Film is the answer. •^•EUREKA CHEmiCAlCOmPflnV eled, heading to steer, great cir- cle and rhumb line courses, dis- tance to destination, and time of next (and future) satellite fixes, all of which may be displayed up- on operator command.

The MX 1102 was the first to have the outstanding feature of programmed tracking. This fea- ture enables the satellite naviga- tion system to distinguish be- tween conflicting satellite signals and to lock only on signals from the satellite offering the best nav- igation fix. The result is about 10 percent more usable fixes, which occur at 40 to 90-minute inter- vals anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. Between fixes, the system automatically dead-reck- ons and compensates for set and drift.

The system self-tests every two hours and, in the event of failure, identifies the easily replaced cir- cuit module responsible for the malfunction. The self-test proce- dure may also be initiated man- ually.

Specifications for Class Nav N certification by Det norske Veri- tas have been met in the design and testing of the MX 1102. These include demonstrated accuracy [static accuracy to 0.05 nautical mile (RMS), and underway to 0.1

NM (RMS)], comprehensive en- vironmental testing, routing self- test of all circuits, continuous monitoring of all functions, fail- ure mode identification, and re- liability analysis.

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Micrologic is now delivering the new ML-2000 Loran C Nav- igator, said to represent a major advance in Loran C technology.

The Chatsworth, Calif., company has produced Loran C equipment for commercial vessels since 1974.

However, the ML-2000 is the first navigator from Micrologic that has been specifically designed for (continued on page 33) 31

Photo from ABSTECH report shows no rust damage after 9!4 years. When Fluid Film (A) was scraped away from ballast tanks, no oxidation was found on base metal (B).

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