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Equipment Review — Micrologic (continued from page 31) small vessels. Naturally, the com- mercial operator who is at sea daily has more time to learn about his complex equipment. The smaller craft owner usually re- quires a unit that is easy to master.

Micrologic's ML-2000 elimi- nates the complexity of naviga- tion primarily by using a color- coded keyboard that simplifies the numerous functions of each key. The liquid crystal display describes which function is in op- eration. It is also back-lighted for optimum night viewing.

From a navigation standpoint, the ML-2000 computes and dis- plays latitude and longitude; range and bearing to a destina- tion ; cross track error and time- to-go along a great circle path; as well as ground speed and true course. Ten waypoints are pro- vided with a full memory, even when the power to ML-2000 is turned off. The unit has an ar- rival alarm feature, an audio alarm that sounds when the ves- sel comes within a pre-selected range to a waypoint. When the vessel exceeds a pre-selected range from a waypoint, the an- chor watch feature also sounds the alarm.

The only requirement to oper- ate the ML-2000 is to enter the initial latitude and longitude with an accuracy of three degrees when the unit is installed. The ML-2000 will automatically select the transmitters, acquire the signals, measure the time differences and compute the navigational out- puts. The ML-2000 will track up to five secondary transmitters as well as provide the signal-to-noise ratio and other diagnostic out- puts.

The unit draws approximately one ampere at 10-18 volts dc. The

ML-2000 is available in three ver- sions: the Full-Function Navi- gator ; the receiver only; and the receiver with time difference steering and 10-waypoint mem- ory.

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Nav-Com Incorporated is a sys- tems engineering organization specializing in custom marine communication and navigation systems, located in Deer Park,

N.Y., and doing business world- wide. No undertaking is too small or too large, but all undertakings are done on the basis of quality being the guiding factor. Such systems range from the installa- tion of new equipment on exist- ing vessels to the engineering, design, installation, check-out, and continuing support of large computer - controlled communica-

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April 15, 1981 tion and navigation electronic suites on the most sophisticated of new vessels.

Nav-Com represents and thor- oughly supports the products of the finest manufacturers of ma- rine electronics equipment, which includes such firms as Magnavox,

Harris, Krupp Atlas, Motorola,

Furuno, Texas Instruments, Phil- ips, Simrad, CAI, Racal-Decca,

Alclen, and others.

The application of computers and processors to simplify the control of diverse equipment and to organize large amounts of in- formation is one of the exciting new fields Nav-Com is pioneering in the marine industry.

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The featured exhibit of Navi- dyne Corporation of Newport

News, Va., at the RTCM Confer- ence in Memphis April 27-29 will be the new ESZ-8000 satellite communicator. This is said to be the first Marisat/Inmarsat termi- (continued on page 34)



To meet IMCO and U.S. Coast Guard regulations, every crude carrier over 70,000 dwt must have an Inert Gas System (IGS) and

Crude Oil Washing (COW), or alternatively,

CBT or SBT, by June, 1981, to operate in U.S. waters. The deadline for IGS is June of 1983 for vessels of 40,000 to 70,000 dwt.

Retrofit operations sometimes take 8 or 9 months. Sooooo — it's getting LATE to start!

A/S Fredriksstad Mek. Verksted (FMV) has manufactured IGS components and installed IGS and COW systems

I since their invention in the 60's.

ISimplify your retrofit problems and complex new installations by leaving them to these experts. FMV engineers will survey your ship. They'll design and deliver everything needed — right down to the last nut and bolt.

They'll install your systems in an absolute minimum of drydock time. While work is in progress, FMV teaches your crew operational and maintenance procedures.

You get the full expertise of this corporate giant by contacting the North American

Agent —American United Marine

Corporation. Why put it off any longer?

Don't settle for less than the best!



CORPORATION 5 Broadway — Rte. 1

Saugus, Mass. 01906

Tel: (617) 231-0622

TWX: 710-346-0237

AMERICAN UNITED MARINE CORP. 5 Broadway—Rte 1, Saugus, Mass 01906 • Please send IGS literature • Please send COW literature • Please contact by phone

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