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Equipment Review — Scientific Atlanta (continued from page 41) erally in a radio room. The 3055M

Terminal offers the below-deck electronics and power units in separate modular form, permit- ting greater flexibility for instal- lation of the equipment in space- limited quarters. These units can be stacked and held in place by simple snap fasteners to form a compact console.

The terminal is based on the same proven design used in the earlier Model 3055 which Scien- tific-Atlanta has provided to

Comsat General since the begin- ning of commercial Marisat serv- ices in 1976. The 3055M also in- corporates many features de- signed to further improve reli- ability and performance. Options include Data Management Inter- face RS232C and/or IEE488, Re- mote Telephone, Telex. Prefabri- cated heavy duty masts are also available.

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SGC, Inc. of Bellevue, Wash., a manufacturer of sophisticated single-sideband radiotelephone equipment, has just announced the introduction of their newest

An increasing number of ships use a gyro compass as their prime heading refe- rence. Robertson's steering systems incorporate the unique electronic SKR80 gyro compass which is based on the proven state-of- the-art Singer Kearfott

MAREX gyro. Reliability and quality are a matter of course, being a result of the

Robertson steering know- ledge accrued from 30,000 onboard installations over the year.


The Robertson AP8 autopilot may be programmed upon installation to suit any ship. It is designed for accurate course selection and course main- tenance with a built-in offcourse alarm.

Rudder feedback, voltage levels, gyro compass input, steered course, are all continuously monitored, any malfunction being indicated both visually and acoustically.

Electronic gyro compass

The unique electronic design of the Robertson

SKR-80 gyro compass pro- vides short alignment time, while also minimizing errors under dynamic conditions: • simple operation • no periodical maintenance • small dimensions (290 x 430 x 285 mm) • unique accuracy and stabilization • short alignment time 30 min. (±1°).

Steering column

The SS-3 steering column contains all the necessary controls and instru- ments for steering ships of all sizes. The modular construction contains: • steer- ing unit with 2 independent electrical systems • autopilot • control unit for

Robertson electronic gyro compass • rudder command and course indicator. ^pbertson

A well-known maritime brand is our business i<

A * »a a m KONGSBERG


NORWAY: Robertson A/S Radio-Elektro, P O.Box 55. N-4371 Egersund. Norway, Tel. (04) 49 19 77 Telex: 33139 radio n

SINGAPORE: Kongsberg (Singapore), Pte. Ltd.. Maritime Division, Unit 409, Cuppage Center, Cuppage Road 55, Singapore 0922, Tel: 7378711, Telex: rs 23609 kvspore.

UNITED KINGDOM: Kongsberg Ltd., UK Maritime Division, Kongsberg House. 4 Tavistock Place. London WC 1H 9RA. Tel 01-278 7371, Telex: 261433,

UNITED STATES: Kongsberg North America. Inc . Maritime Division, 135 Fort Lee Road. Leonia, New Jersey 07605. Tel: 201 947-6788, Telex: 135-115.

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The frequencies can be easily changed, if required, by simple diode programming. The Model

SG-712S-36-18 meets the demand for 18 mHz frequency range cov- erage in the SSB market, while featuring a front panel meter for signal reading and VSWR, as well as forward output power in trans- mit. The unit produces 100 watts of convervatively rated power output, and has capability for 36 simplex or 12 simplex/12 duplex (or anv combination) channels.

The SG-712S-36-18 SSB fea- tures SGC's exclusive quick- mounting tray for easy installa- tion and serviceability. The unit is supplied complete with 50 ohms output for operation with an ex- ternal antenna coupler or 50 ohm antenna, and is operational on 12 volts dc. Optional features in- clude SGC's exclusive signal to noise ratio squelch, alarm gener- ator, telephone handset, and dip switch programming boards.

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Simrad designs and builds every piece of marine electronic equipment to meet the most strin- gent legal requirements of gov- ernment agencies throughout the world. And Simrad reports it goes farther, making sure its electron- ics are accurate, reliable, tough, and easy to use.

Simrad's compact RW-105 watch alarm receiver keeps con- tinuous watch on the 2182 kHz distress frequency. If another ship is in trouble, you'll hear it.

The Armonk, N.Y., company also markets radars, Loran C systems, navigation echosounders, fish- finder systems, sonar, automatic direction finding equipment, and weatherfax.

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