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divisions of Sperry Corporation, is also a leading developer of sys- tems and hardware for defense, and is the corporation's principal contributor of new technologies for land, sea, and missile appli- cations. Its major products in- clude combat systems, simulators, radar/sonar equipment, guidance and control systems, automated materiel handling systems, and traffic and transportation systems.

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The TI 9900 fully automatic

Loran C navigator manufactured by Texas Instruments Incorpo- rated is a state-of-the-art device that packs a complete Loran C based navigation system into an attractively styled package the size of a major city telephone book. More than a Loran C re- ceiver, the microprocessor-con- trolled TI 9900 displays the ves- sel's position directly in latitude and longitude coordinates, reduc- ing user dependence on special

Loran charts. The TI 9900 stores up to 10 way points. With single key presses, the mariner can read range and bearing and time to go at present speed to any way point, course made good from last way point, present average speed over the bottom, and cross track error relative to a selected rhumb line course between two way points.

Easily added to any TI 9900, the TI 9930 speech option speaks the navigational information in a clear, lifelike voice. The TI 9930 includes the industry standard output for Loran/autopilot inter- faces as well as output for the TI 9920 remote course deviation in- dicator and RS 232 output for printers and other devices.

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Tracor recently introduced a new Satellite Navigator. Named after the North Star and the sub- marines that first tested the

Transit system, the Polaris Sat-

Nav is a full feature, total per- formance system. The attractive housing is sleek yet functional with its yoke that provides over- head, bulkhead or table-top mounting flexibility.

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The large, two-line LED pres- entation clearly details the nav- igation data required to effici- ently and safely sail anywhere in the world. Tracor chose the LED display because of distinct ad- vantages over a CRT presenta- tion. First, because of fewer com- ponents and less power required, the LED display has an inherent reliability advantage over a CRT.

Second, the Tracor Polaris LED display can be read from across the bridge. Finally, only the nec- essary data is shown for clarity and simplicity. Other "nice-to- have" navigation data is instant- ly available at a touch of a but- ton, but is not continuously dis- played to minimize confusion.

Polaris only draws 1.5 amperes at 12 volts. The navigation pro- gram for Polaris is based upon the Tracor SatNav II, which has received prestigious international type approvals from Det norske

Veritas, Norwegian Maritime Di- rectorate, and Swiss PTT.

Polaris operation can be as sim- ple or sophisticated as the navi- gator chooses. Special software features such as multipass dis- crimination and force fix update provide the Polaris user with about 10 percent more useable satellite fixes than most other Sat-

Nav receivers. Automatic speed and heading interface, standby battery, and operation from ac or other than 12 volt dc mains power are available options.

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H ITT Mackay and North American Philips

Corporation offer proven worldwide teleprinting-over-radio (TOR) commun- ications for a fraction of the equipment cost of satellite-based systems.

Now you can add proven, economical TOR communications to link your ships at sea to any Telex terminal, anywhere in the world.

TOR is Accurate

Modern error detection and correction equipment virtually eliminates transmission errors. Clear, accurate messages can be sent or received automatically.

And Private

Messages directed to your ships are received and printed only by the vessels addressed.

Information may be broadcast to all ships, or selectively sent to a single vessel.

Choice of Installation

ITT Mackay gives you a choice of installation.

A complete Mackay radio console with full

Telex capability, in addition to standard tele- graph and voice communications, can be in- stalled on new vessels. Or, your existing Mackay shipboard installations can be retrofitted to ada complete TOR communication capability.

Mackay MRU 35, MRU 40 and MRU 50 equip- ment can be ordered with Philips' depend- able STB 750 and PACT teleprinters for worldwide Telex capability. Retrofit packages are available for most existing conventional installations including 2013 transmitters with synthesized exciters.

Contact ITT Mackay for complete system specifications and installation information for an unequaled marine communications pack- age that delivers reliability, economy and dependable worldwide performance.


A Division of ITT Telecommunications Corporation 2912 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, North Carolina 2761 1

Telephone <919) 828-4441 Telex 579451 • •. • • . ..

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