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How will you be rewarded when you save your company millions of dollars with Intersmooth SPC® ?

Nothing will be too good for the man who can cut your fuel bills by 12 to 15% - just by changing the paint on the bottom of your ships.

Imagine savings of about: $2,000,000* a year in fuel for passenger liners. $650,000* a year for VLCC's. $700,000* a year for high speed container ships.

And you can look for these savings to go up right along with the cost of fuel. (By 1985 the cost of fuel is expected to double.)

Here's how the system works.

Intersmooth SPC is an anti-fouling coating system that chemically releases a biocide - it wears away slowly and actually smoothes the bottom of the ship while keeping it fouling free between drydockings.

This smoothing action, plus the efficient anti-fouling qualities of Intersmooth SPC means less drag on the hull.

Less drag means less fuel. 12-15% less fuel.

You're on solid ground with Intersmooth SPC.

There have been over 400 applications of Intersmooth

SPC. Many ships for the second and third time.

Fuel savings reports have been received on virtually all of these ships. 12%. 15%.

Even as much as 22% depending on the type of ship.

Intersmooth SPC produces more revenue days.

A clean hull can mean longer periods between drydockings.

There's even an increased ability to maintain speed.

And because of the smoothing action on the hull there have been many reports of speed actually increasing.

Less maintenance and repair.

Reduced drag means less wear and tear on the entire drive train of the ship.

Subsequent drydockings are less expensive.

Intersmooth SPC leaves the hull smooth and fouling free so there's far less surface preparation required.

Get in touch with your International Paint

Representative now.

He has all the technical data. Case history studies.

Brochures. Cost benefit analyses. Even a slide show to help you learn more about Intersmooth SPC. So call now before somebody else does.

Remember, a lot of other guys in your company are reading this ad too. "Fuel at $160. per ton.





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