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Big Car Carrier 'Glorious Ace'

Completed By Hitachi Zosen

The 17,743-dwt (metric) pure car carrier

Glorious Ace (shown above) was delivered to her joint owners, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines,

Ltd. and Baba-Daiko Steamship Company,

Ltd., both of Japan, recently. Capable of carrying a total of 5,688 cars of various types, the new ship is said to be one of the largest of its kind in the world. She was constructed at the Ariake Works of Hitachi

Zosen, and will be put into service between ports in Japan and those in North America and Europe.

In addition to passenger cars, the ship can carry other types of motor vehicles includ- ing trucks, large and small busses, and fork- lifts. She has a total of 13 cardecks, the sev- enth being moveable to permit height ad- justment. The eighth cardeck is provided with three shore ramps, two at midship and one at the stern. The two midship ramps can be raised to the seventh cardeck.

Glorious Ace has an overall length of 623.35 feet, beam of 105 feet, depth to up- per deck of 100.56 feet, and full-load sum- mer draft of 29.20 feet. Gross measurement is 16,880.86 tons. Her main engine is a

Hitachi/B&W 9L67GFC diesel with a max- imum continuous output of 16,800 bhp at 119 rpm; service output will be 14,280 bhp $ $ i i t & i £ &



SALES • SERVICE : SOLUTIONS 1 Constant Memory " feature stores Group

Repetition Interval (GRI) code. Lat Lon waypoints and more, even after the unit is turned off Just turn the set on and it's ready to go 1 Waypoint programming function allows preprogramming of a desired course of up to 10 waypoints. I

Texas ^ r

Instruments y

IN STOCK! $ y $ y y y v y y y y y % 8

Loran C

Tl 9000 Features

Dual readout displays two time differences (TDs) simultaneously.

Meets USCG requirements.

Latitude longitude conversions from selected TDs.

Automatic waypoint sequencing switches to your next waypoint automatically when your previous destination waypoint is abeam

Calculates and displays range and bearing to the next waypoint.

Provides intermediate waypoints along a great-circle route and calculates rhumbline steering courses for shortest passage

Computes course-made-good, speed-over- the-bottom. and time-and-distance-to-go

Built-in steering indicator lets you know when you're on or off your computed course

Dual purpose clock is synchronized to the atomic-clock-regulated signal of the Loran transmitters for accuracy.

One-year warranty.

Your Complete Source

Round The Clock, Round The World


COMMU NIC ATIONS CORP 1854 Hylan Boulevard, New York, N.Y 10305

Immediate Delivery on the Complete Ti Line (212)351-4782 (201)355-4770 Telex645693 at 113 rpm, producing a speed at full draft of 19.15 knots. The ship is classed by Nippon

Kaiji Kyokai.

Allen Nail Named VP And

National Sales Manager

For Microphor, Inc.

Allen M. Nail has been named vice presi- dent and national sales manager for Micro- phor, Inc., John M. Mayfield Jr., president of the company announced. Mr. Nail, who has been Eastern sales director for the firm since 1976, joined Microphor in 1972 as a sales representative. In his new capacity, he has assumed responsibility for Microphor's na- tional marketing program and sales force.

He is headquartered at 5005 Vernon Oaks

Drive in Dunwoody, Ga.

Microphor manufactures waste sanitation systems, low flush toilets, and sewage treat- ment tanks for use in marine vessels.

HUDSHIP Delivers Twin Supply

Vessels To Gray Mackenzie

Hudship Shipbuilders, Inc. (HUDSHIP) of

Pascagoula, Miss., recently delivered its third and fourth supply vessels, the Graytrack (shown above) and Graytraverse, to Gray

Mackenzie Company, Ltd., Marine Division located in Bahrain. The design is HUDSHIP's standard 120-foot utility vessels with some modifications to suit the owner's particular requirements. The fo'c'sle house arrange- ment has been redesigned to accommodate 10 crewmen in five cabins. The upper house has been extended to accommodate charter- er's personnel in two 2-man, one 4-man and one 1-man cabins.

The afterdeck of each vessel has a Na- tional Marine 12.5-ton crane, with 100-foot boom, mounted at centerline to service the entire cargo deck. To each side of the crane are Hydradyne hydraulic winches, giving the vessel a 4-point mooring capability.

Graytrack and Graytraverse are both pow- ered by twin GM Detroit Diesel Allison 16V92NA engines, each rated 600 bhp at 1,800 rpm, with Twin Disc 520 reduction gears. On sea trials the vessels exceeded 10 knots in a loaded condition and logged al- most 13 knots lightly loaded. The auxiliary power is provided by two 99-kw KATO gen- erators powered by Detroit Diesel 6V92 en- gines. This is said to be the first application for the 6V92 engines as generator power plants. Engines are monitored by a 21 point

Marine Electrical Design monitoring system.

The pilothouse was arranged for maxi- mum all-around visibility. She houses an as- sortment of electronic equipment, which in- cludes one Decca 914C marine radar, one

Sailor SSB receiver model R-105, one Sailor

SSB transceiver model T-124, one Sailor model RT 144AC VHF transceiver, one Data- marine 2650 depth indicator, and one Sperry

SR 130 gyrocompass with repeater.

Both the Graytrack and Graytraverse are built and tested to ABS standards and are classed A-l All Ocean Service. The Gray- test, the fifth vessel HUDSHIP has under construction for Gray Mackenzie, is sched- uled for delivery in May 1981. 56 Write 101 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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