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President Reagan congratulates W.J. Amoss Jr., president of Lykes Bros. Steamship

Co., after presenting him with American Legion Merchant Marine Award in White

House ceremony.

Jenks Appointed Manager

Of J.J. Henry Company's

New San Diego Office

Richard R. Hopkins, vice presi- dent of the J.J. Henry Company,

Inc., has announced the appoint- ment of Capt. A.L. Jenks, USN (ret.), to manage the West Coast office the company has opened in

San Diego. The new facility will provide engineering services to new construction yards, repair facilities, vessel owners and op- erators, and industrial firms throughout the West in both the governmental and commercial market segments.

Captain Jenks is a 1949 gradu- ate of the U.S. Naval Academy and subsequently was awarded the advanced degree of naval en- gineer after three years of grad- uate study at the Massachusetts

Institute of Technology. As an engineering specialist he served the next 25 years in billets ashore and afloat.

The J.J. Henry Co. is one of the nation's principal naval arch- itectural and marine engineering firms. In addition to its head- quarters in the World Trade Cen- ter, New York City, offices are maintained in Moorestown, N.J.,

Crystal City, Va., Portsmouth,

Va., Cohasset, Mass., and area

Capt. A.L. Jenks representatives are located in

Washington, D.C., Cleveland, and

Los Angeles.

Trans-Marine Asks Title XI

On Two Tug/Supply Boats

To Cost $5.4 Million Total

Trans-Marine Service, Inc.,

Houma, La., has applied to the

Maritime Administration for a

Title XI guarantee to aid in fi- nancing the construction of two 165-foot, diesel-powered tug/sup- ply vessels to be operated in the

Gulf of Mexico. Eastern Marine,

Inc., Panama City, Fla., is the proposed builder, with deliveries scheduled for November 1981 and

May 1982.

The requested guarantee is for $4,050,000 or 75 percent of the $5,400,000 estimated cost of the vessels.

Lykes President W.J. Amoss Receives

American Legion Merchant Marine Award

IME Eastern U.S.A. Branch

Hears Paper On Fuel Treatment

W.J. Amoss Jr., president of

Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc., a subsidiary of The LTV Corpo- ration, was presented the Ameri- can Legion's National Merchant

Marine Award by President Ron- ald Reagan in a recent White

House ceremony. President Rea- gan said Mr. Amoss was being recognized for his work in re- opening U.S.-flag shipping with

China, for the progress and ex- pansion of the Lykes fleet, and for his advocacy of a strength- ened merchant marine.

The award, established in 1956, is sponsored by the American

Legion's Robert L. Hague Mer- chant Marine Industries Post in

New York. It is presented only in years when a person, company, or organization is judged to have made an extraordinary contribu- tion to the American merchant marine.

In his remarks accompanying the presentation of the award,

President Reagan stressed the need for a healthy merchant ma- rine "that can serve as a mili- tary auxiliary in time of national emergencies." In accepting the award, Mr. Amoss told President

Reagan that the U.S. maritime industry is "enormously heart- ened by your interest in our in- dustry. The reluctance of past administrations to define positive maritime objectives invited inter- governmental territorial squab- bles that have characterized pre- vious unsuccessful attempts at maritime reform," Mr. Amoss said.

Mr. Amoss, who has been pres- ident of Lykes since 1973 and is a vice president of The LTV Cor- poration, also serves as chairman of the board of governors of the

National Maritime Council, an as- sociation representing U.S. ship- yards, shipping interests and maritime labor. In 1979, he nego- tiated an agreement that cleared the way for resumption of U.S.- flag shipping to China following a 30-year interruption. In March 1979, a Lykes ship became the first U.S.-flag vessel to call in

China since 1949.

Sperry Gyroscope Awarded $8-Million Navy Contract

For Work On Antenna Sets

Sperry Rand Corporation, Sper- ry Gyroscope Division, Great

Neck, N.Y., has been awarded a $8,055,657 firm fixed-price con- tract to update and convert AN

SPG-55B radar antenna sets from

MOD-5 to MOD-8 and MOD-9 un- der routine overhaul (ROH) FY 81 modernization program. The

Naval Sea Systems Command is the contracting activitv. (N000- 24-81-C-5201)

At recent Institute of Marine Engineers Branch meeting held at American Bureau of Shipping in New York City are (L to R): Joseph Tiratto, assistant honorary sec- retary of IME's Eastern U.S.A. Branch; Everett C. Hunt, Branch chairman; Mikael

Ugander, manager of Alfa-Laval's Mineral Oil Division, author; and Alfred E. Deeble,

Branch honorary treasurer.

At a recent meeting of the

Eastern U.S.A. Branch of The

Institute of Marine Engineers,

Mikael Ugander, manager, Min- eral Oil Division, Alfa-Laval, Inc. presented a paper titled The

Treatment and Cleaning of Mod- ern Low-Grade Heavy Fuel Oils.

The meeting was held at Ameri- can Bureau of Shipping head- quarters in New York City.

The paper addressed the im- pact of modern, low-grade heavy fuels on the pretreatment and cleaning system, and presented recommendations concerning the best method to treat these fuels in systems incorporating centrif- ugal separation.

The primary function of a fuel oil handling system is to remove water and solid impurities. To fa- cilitate the cleaning, it is import- ant that oil is stored, pumped, and heated correctly. Fuel-han- dling systems incorporating cen- trifugal separators have over the years demonstrated their ability to effectively treat fuel oils and provide economic benefits to the user. However, due to the decline in the quality of heavy fuels, greater attention must now be paid to the design, installation, and running of fuel treatment systems in order to maintain the

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