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Simrad designs and builds every piece of marine electronic equipment to meet the most stringent legal requirements not only of the U.S. Government but all over the world. Important? Yes.

But not as important as the everyday safety of your boat and your crew. So Simrad goes beyond legal requirements to make sure that your electronics are accurate, reliable, tough and easy-to-use. Quality that you can depend on^ and economical so that you can afford to have all the protection that you and your crew deserve.


TL-856 Loran C Navigator automatically computes and displays

TD's. Lat/Long. course, ground speed, time and distance to any of ten waypoints, as well as cross-track error. It can acquire and track all Loran C masters and secondaries worldwide. Four tunable and two preset notch filters for professional performance even in high interference areas.

TL-856 makes it all simple.

TL-838 Loran C Receiver simultaneously displays two lines of position from automatically acquired and tracked masters and all avail- able Loran C secondaries. TL-838 has four tunable and two preset notch filters for outstanding performance, worldwide. It incorporates a three point memory, and very fast acquisition and settling.

Loran C Coordinate Converter Model TC-28A adds total navigation functions to most Simrad Loran C Receivers. Converts TD's to Lat/Long, memorizes up to ten waypoints and calls up course and distance to any of them. Computes and displays on command time to destination and cross-track error. Installs directly on TL-838 or separately with other Simrad models. Makes them all navigators. 2182 KHz Watch Alarm Receiver. Simrad's new. compact. FCC approved Watch Alarm Receiver, RW 105, fulfills all legal requirements of the new IMCO/SOLAS Regulations. The RW 105 also meets the specifications for most other maritime regulatory agencies. It can be set to receive all transmissions on the 2182 KHz distress frequency or auto matically mute all but distress signals preceded by the two-tone alarm.

An internal digital clock lifts the mute during radio silence periods

Connection for optional tape recorder or remote speaker, and built-in test generator are standard. Easily fits into limited space.

OQ A it

New Digital Recording Sounders. Simrad offers two econom ical navigation recording echosounders that meet IMCO recommenda tions for merchant vessels. In addition to showing a well defined bottom on recording paper, the systems have independent digital depth indica tors and depth alarms. The Simrad ED-161 has four recording ranges from 0-25 to 0-550 fathoms. For navigating in shallower waters, the 200

KHz ED-162 has four ranges from 0 30 feet to 0-250 fathoms. The optional IR-201 Remote Digital Analog Indicator displays depth in feet, meters and fathoms. An optional transducer selector with alarm (TS-101) allows use of up to four transducers. Due to Simrad's special engineering. some vessels can be retrofitted from inside the hull without having tq drydock. Contact Simrad for details.

Two IMCO approved automatic direction finders, the

TD-A202B and the TD-C328HATS (shown), are now offered by Simrad.

The TD-A202B has frequency ranges of 200-580 KHz beacon band and 1.5-2.8 MHz marine band. The TD-C328HATS has a range of 200

KHz to 13.5 MHz. Both are highly sensitive superheterodyne receivers.

They lock in fast. SIMRAD

A trusted name at sea.

Simrad Inc., One Labriola Court,

Armonk, NY 10504 (914) 273-9410

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