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Ingalls Delivers First U.S.-Built

L-780 To Keys Offshore "Keyes 300," the first of four

L-780 self-elevating offshore drill- ing rigs being built for Keyes

Offshore Inc. by Ingalls Shipbuild- ing, Pascagoula, Miss., left the

Ingalls yard recently on its way to drilling for Shell Oil Co. in the

Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast. The second jackup rig,

Keyes 301, has been launched and is in final outfitting for delivery.

Designed by Friede & Goldman,

Keyes 300 is the first L-780 to be built in North America. Ingalls has 12 additional jackups under contract, as well as three sub- mersibles. The L-780s are de- signed to drill to 25,000 feet in 300 feet of water.


Basic Data

Length Overall 180'-0"

Breadth Overall 175'-0"

Depth of Hull 25'-0

Length of Legs Maximum 339'-0"

Depth of Spud Cans 15'-0"

Diameter of Spud Cans 39'-8"

Projection of Leg

Below Hulls in Tow 4'-3"

Center of Forward Leg of Centerline of Aft Legs 115'-0"

Center to Center of Aft Legs 120'-0"

Operating Conditions

Water Depth 250 ft. 200 ft.


Wave Height 38 ft. 42 ft.

Corresponding 9 to 9 to

Wave Period 13.5 sec. 13.5 sec.

Maximum Wind Velocity— (1 minute average) 100 knots 100 knots

Air Gap 30 ft. 30 ft.

Penetration 10 ft. 10 ft.

Rig Equipment

Cranes: Two Link-Belt Model 218A, with 100-foot boom

Jacking System: National Supply ma- rine jacks and racks

Rack Chock: Friede & Goldman

Crew Quarters: Air-Conditioned crew quarters for 50 men.

Life Boats: Two Whittaker 50-man marine capsules

Mooring Equipment: Marathon Le-

Tourneau single drum anchor winches for 2,600 ft. of 1.5 inch dia. Drill Equipment

Drawworks: Continental EMSCO C-2, 1%" drill line driven by two GE- 752AR Electric Motors, 2,000 hp.

Derrick & Substructure: Continental

EMSCO 20-RD, beam leg 147' high, 30' square base, 8' x 8' top, static hook load capacity 1,400,000 lbs. with 12 lines, designed for 100 mph wind load with pipe rack in derrick.

Rotary & Traveling Equipment:

Continental EMSCO—Rotary Table, with 37y2" table opening.

Continental EMSCO RD52-7 Crown block, 7-52" sheaves hook com- bination. Rated 500 tons hook- load.

Continental EMSCO LB-500 swivel.

Rated 500 tons.

Continental EMSCO RA-52 Truelling

Block, Rated 500 tons.

Mud Pumps: Two Continental EMSCO

FB-1600, 71/4" x 12" triple pumps 1,600 hp each driven by two GE- 752AR motors.


Three EMD MD-12 Diesel Engines

Three EMD Generators, 3 phase, 1,050 kw, 600 volt.

Ross Hill SCR System power con- version from ac to dc current.

Emergency Generator set, CAT 3412 diesel engine driving a brushless SR generator, 3 phase, 320 kw, 480 volts, 1,200 rpm.

Blowout Preventers:

One Cameron Type "U" double units 10,000 psi. W.P. HZS Trim,

W/4-1/16" flanged 10,000 psi

W.P. side outlets.

One Cameron Type "A" 13%" 5,000 psi W.P. annular Blowout

Preventer w/10,000 psi W.P. flanged button and stubbed top (screwed). One Schaffer MSP 211/4" 2,000 psi W.P. annular

Blowout Preventer.

Choke Manifold: 10,000 lb. Vetco Blowout Preventer, choke & kill manifold. 10,000 lb. derrick floor with SWACO hydrau- lic choke. Ross Hill Blowout

Preventer Accumulator unit Mod- el C-180-ZE25-2AG with 3,000 psi W.P.

Mud Mixing:

Brandt MA 20

Desander/Mud Cleaner:

Brandt SR8-6

Shale Shaker:

Brandt Dual Tandem

Air Compressors:

Two Airdyne Rig Air Compressor

Rotary Screw type.

One Airdyne Compressor Sequence

Control Panel Model SQ-2.

One Airdyne Multiple Air Reduction


One Airdyne Cold Start Compressor.

Cementing Unit:

B.J. Hughes Cementing Skid with high pressure Triplex pumps driven by two diesel engines. a 1 y; ; if ~ - : • ' -t £ A '"1 10 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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