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AMCA Forms Marine Unit;

Names Gwyn President

AMCA International Corpora- tion recently announced the for- mation of a new Marine Division to serve the offshore construction industry.

Appointed president of the Ma- rine Division is Peter J. Gwyn who has had extensive experience in marine construction. He joined

AMCA, formerly known as Do- minion Bridge Co., Ltd., to head the company's 1-95 tunnel tube project at the Wiley Manufactur- ing unit in Maryland. Prior to joining AMCA, Mr. Gwyn held senior management positions with

General Dynamics and Davie

Shipbuilding, Ltd.

Included in the Marine Divi- sion are two of AMCA's operating units which are devoted to the manufacture of products for off- shore applications. One of the units, IMODCO, is a major de- signer and manufacturer of off- shore marine terminals used in international waters primarily to transfer petroleum and slurried products from shore- and ocean- based locations. The other unit,

Wiley Manufacturing, is a leading fabricator of steel tunnel tubes for underwater vehicular tunnels and is currently producing the tubes for the 1-95 Ft. McHenry vehicular tunnel under Baltimore

Harbor. Wiley also designs and builds barges, self-propelled ves- sels, dredges, and other floating Peter J. Gwyn equipment for the marine, con- struction, and shipbuilding indus- tries.

In announcing AMCA's Marine

Division, K.S. Barclay, chairman and chief executive officer, noted: "Formation of a Marine Division is a logical extension of the com- pany's past experience in fabri- cating products for use in off- shore projects. And, we recently established a joint venture named

DB/McDermott which will pro- vide design and construction serv- ices for the oil and gas industry in Canadian waters."

David Cowles Named

Manager Supply And

Distribution At Inland

David Cowles was recently named manager-supply and dis- tribution for Inland Oil & Trans- port Co., St. Louis, Mo.

Mr. Cowles was previously in a similar capacity with Good Hope

Refineries, Inc., New Orleans, La.

His responsibilities at Inland, which operates liquid tank barges, towboats, and gasoline terminals, will include general supervision over all facets of the company's operations, including three Mis- souri gasoline wholesale termi- nals, barge line, pipeline move- ments, trucking and retail station operations affiliated with Inland.

Brochure On Oil And Filter

Change Intervals Available

From Caterpillar

A new four-color brochure that discusses Caterpillar Tractor

Company views about extended oil and filter change intervals is now available. It states why these intervals are being extended, and why it is not a good idea.

The high performance required from today's engines cannot be obtained with ordinary oils. Ad- ditives that improve the quality and assure the life of lubricating oils at higher temperature loads have become a necessity. Oil fil- ters have been redesigned to pro- vide better filtration. It is partly these advances that have brought about the practice of extended oil and filter change intervals — a practice that is not worth the risk.

To obtain a copy of "Extended

Oil and Filter Change Intervals:

Not Worth the Risk,"

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