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"four ship is a business.

Inmarsat Satellite Communications can make it work harder.

Operating costs on a tanker like this one can rim as high as $2500 per hour. An 8-hour delay in communications costs you $10,400 in bunker fuel costs alone. Satellite communications could help eliminate those costs.

Contact hy conventional HF radio can take 8 hours or longer in some parts of the world.

But you can he linked, via the world- wide INMARSAT system, with ships and offshore facilities —in minutes.

When situations change overnight, this system lets you react quickly. It could make the difference between profit and loss.


INMARSAT COMPATIBLE the United States by Scientific-Atlanta, the world leader in the design and manu- facture of maritime satellite communica- tions equipment. It is based on the same proven design which we have provided to

Comsat General and others.

In tact, starting with our involvement with MARAP in 1973, Scientific-Atlanta has designed, built, tested, and delivered more ship-board terminals than any other manufacturer in the world.

United Suites: One Technology Parkway, Box 105600, Atlanta, Georgia 30348. Telephone 404-441-4000, TWX 810-766-4912, Telex 0542898

Camilla: 1640 Bonhill Road, Unit 6, Mississauga, Ontario L5T ICS, Canada. Telephone 416-677-6555, Telex 06983600

Europe: Horton Manor, Stamvell Road, Horton. Slough SL3 9RA, England.

Telephone Colnbrook (02812) 3211, Telex 849406 2. ELECTRONICS PACKAGE

Below decks electronics and power supply units are designed with crowded ship- board conditions in mind. Different com- ponents can be mounted separately to suit existing rack space configurations.

For example, the Call Control Unit, which is necessary tor normal operating and message handling functions, is mounted in the radio room. It requires only 3 Vi inches of rack space.

The power supply, the antenna con- trol unit, and the communications elec- tronics unit can be mounted elsewhere.

Or, it space permits, they can be stacked together in a compact console.


The 3055M Terminal was developed in



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Scientific MR i i Atlanta i

I Communications I

I 1845 PleasantJale Road, I

J Mail Stop 17-A |

Atlanta, OA. 30340 • Please send im. more information about the • * Scientific-Atlanta Model 3055M Inmarsat '

I Satellite Camimunications Terminal.

I NAME .. . I




The 3055M Satellite Communications Ter- minal is compatible with the new INMARSAT satellite system. It is also versatile, and easy to operate. For example, with voice channel operation, the user simply pro- vides the desired phone number to the shore station operator, who will in turn provide the correct domestic or inter- national telephone connection.

But that's not all. With the 3055M's

Data Management Unit option, your home office can obtain ... .1 • .'"'' readouts on ship lo- cation, engine per- formance, cargo condition, or any other information in a shipboard data storage device. ti nrrw, Electronics

I he 3055M s com- are sophisticated pact and modular yet simple to operate.

EASY TO INSTALL design makes installation simple. The sys- tem consists ot two main parts: 1. ANTENNA

The antenna, mount- ^^ ed above deck, is f radome-protected for rugged duty and is easily adaptable to a variety of vessel -7—: • Anicnna unit f.s etm re configurations; it is mount,and self-stabilizing self-stabilizing, and L'lv» m «W> weather. features an automatic antenna steering system which insures reliable communi- cations at all times.

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