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Cargo Handling

Equipment — Peck & Hale (continued from page 46) dustries with a complete and suc- cessful line of cargo handling and securing equipment.

Within the marine sector, the company's redesigned and pat- ented "Breech Base" system pro- vides vessel operators with addi-

Ameron marine coatings meet quick turnaround requirements of tuna fishing vessel owners with high-performance coatings like Dimetcote® E-Z II, a new generation inorganic zinc in single-package formulation which reduces application labor costs and is easily applied.

Commercial vessels around the world depend on Ameron marine coatings like Amercoat® 70, a controlled-release flaked copper coating with economical anti- fouling protection benefits.

Barges protected by exterior

Dimetcote/Amercoat marine tional versatility. The breech base socket may be fitted with stack- ers for normal container stowage, with D rings for ro/ro operation, and with a flush cover for protec- tion during bulk loading. The use of breech base securing points al- lows maximum strength and flex- ibility with a minimum of com- ponents.

Peck & Hale is contributing to the trend for minimized lashings with a new high strength secur- coatings are also protected by interior tank lining systems like

Amercoat 64/386. This epoxy system resists a broad range of chemicals and solvents.

The world's first fleet of 326,000 DWT Very Large Crude ing system and the ability to more effectively evaluate stowage weights by means of a detailed computer generated dynamic analysis, geared to the require- ments of such classification soci- eties as Germanischer Lloyd.

Another major contribution is a new product line specifically de- veloped due to the growing con- cern for safety in ro/ro lashing applications.

Peck & Hale maintains a world-

Carriers depended on the world's leading inorganic zinc primer,

Dimetcote 3, as the foundation for an effective marine coatings system which produced dramatic economic benefits.

Find out how Ameron marine coatings can help you fight corrosion effectively. Write

Ameron Protective Coatings

Division, 201 North Berry Street,

Brea, California 92621 for infor- mation or call (714) 529-1951.

Amepon wide distributor network, ena- bling ship operators to procure replacement parts at most major ports throughout the world. Re- cent additions to the system in- clude Australia, New Zealand,

Germany, Puerto Rico, Houston,

Savannah, Jacksonville, Miami and Philadelphia.

For a catalog on the complete

Peck & Hale line,

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Raytheon Ocean Systems of

East Providence, R.I., has been successful in marketing one of the most effective and popular vessel loading instruments.

LOADMAX provides a fast, easy method of planning optimum loading for any type of ship. It rapidly calculates and displays accurate draft, hull strength and stability data for any loading condition. Raytheon reports this instrument is as simple to use as a desk calculator. Tonnage distribution and calculated results can be read at a glance. Elements which could possibly cause con- fusion such as knobs, thumb- wheels and cluttered CRT dis- plays have been eliminated.

Designed for the particular op- erating requirements of a specific ship, LOADMAX combines nu- meric tonnage displays with an easily understood mimic diagram of the vessel. A separate graphic display shows whether the ship is in hogging or sagging condi- tion and if sheer force or bend- ing moment limits are being ex- ceeded.

An extremely reliable system with a proven record, LOADMAX provides a vessel owner with the means for fast, efficient vessel loading with maximum safety.

For a free brochure completely describing LOADMAX,

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Salzgitter-Kocks G.m.b.H. of

Bremen, West Germany, is one of the world's largest and best- known designers and manufac- turers of deck machinery and cargo handling equipment. They are represented in the U.S. by

Marine Technical Associates (MTA), 195 Paterson Avenue,

Little Falls, N.J.

The Salzgitter-Kocks product line includes cranes of all types, including deck cranes, container loading/unloading cranes, con- tainer starting cranes, dockside cranes, shipyard cranes and float- ing derricks. Hook capacities for the deck cranes range from 3 to 200 tons. Outreach is from 10 to 30 meters.

The company also specializes in designing special individual cranes or custom crane systems to meet any requirement.

In addition to cranes, the com- (continued on page 50)

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