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diameter shafting which are fit- ted with Sturm sleeves. The shafts turn a pair of 78-inch- diameter by 60-inch-pitch four- blade, stainless-steel Coolidge propellers. The main engine con- trols are Mathers AD-14, air con- trol. Steering is provided by two heavy steering rudders and four flanking rudders. All rudders have 7-inch-diameter shafts and are heavily constructed.

Fernstrum grid coolers recessed in the sides of the hull provide main engine cooling. The radi- ator cooled generators are Twin

GM 4-71, 1,200-rpm, 50-kw units which are installed in a separate room on the main deck level aft of the engine room.

The M/V Miss Sheila is de- signed for both harbor and short line towing service. She is equipped with two Nabrico, mod- el 20-11-EH, electric/hydraulic winches. Winch controls are lo- cated on the main deck and in the wheelhouse. The hull has sev- en 36-inch Nabrico kevels, two

Nabrico roller chocks, and four buttons. The 12-foot-high push- knees are equipped with heavy rubber bumpers. A hand winch boat davit has been installed on the aft deck for raising and low- ering the vessel's launch.

Mississippi Marine's shipyard is currently very active. In ad- dition to the stock 1,800-hp push- boat previously described, Mis- sissippi Marine also has under construction a 143-foot offshore geophysical vessel for Tidewater

Marine Service; two 2,400-hp- class pushboats, and several smaller vessels. Mississippi Ma- rine also offers repair service which includes two drydocks at its Greenville site.

Mississippi Marine delivered the M/V Cole, the first of three for the same owner, within 90 days after receipt of contract. It is a 56-foot by 20-foot by 7-foot, 6-inch workboat designed for fleeting service.

The M/V Cole is powered by two GM Detroit Diesel 16V-71 main engines coupled to a pair of Twin Disc MG-518 (4.5:1) re- duction gears. The gears turn two 5V2-inch-diameter shafts. The

Coolidge propellers are 50-inch by 46-inch, four-blade, stainless steel, especially designed with extra heavy edge thickness and increased blade area ratio. The main engine cooling is provided by Fernstrum grid coolers and engine controls are provided by

Morse MD-24 cable controls.

The vessel is equipped with two steering rudders and four flanking rudders. The mechanical over hydraulic system is main engine driven. While the vessel is equipped with a pair of 12-kw, model #A2D 12000 Dieselec, air- cooled generator sets, a separate 12-volt system also is provided permitting the M/V Cole to op- erate without the generators.

Navigation lights, searchlights, and other necessary lighting is dual 12 v dc and 120 v ac. The two power winches are Skipper

Hydraulic, 25 ton, powered by the main engine driven hydraulic pumps and reservoir package which also allows for operation of the vessel without the use of the generator sets.

The M/V Cole's raised pilot- house provides a 25-foot eye level and 360-degree visibility. A cat- walk and stairs provide good ac- cess to both empty barges as well as the vessel's main deck.

Avondale Receives Mobil

Contract For $11.3 Million

Offshore Drilling Platform

The Offshore Division of Avon- dale Shipyards, Inc., Avondale,

La., an Ogden Corporation sub- sidiary, was recently awarded an $11.3-million contract by Mobil

Oil Exploration and Producing

Southeast Inc. (MOEPSI) of New

Orleans, for the land phase fab- rication of an eight-pile drilling platform planned for use in water depth of approximately 400 feet.

Fabrication of this platform will begin immediately and is sched- uled for completion in September 1982.

The 7,200-ton drilling platform will have the capability of devel- oping 18 wells. Upon completion, this platform will be installed offshore Louisiana. The order- book for work at Avondale Ship- yards, including the Offshore Di- vision, is now in excess of $660 million.

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Other cargo oil pipe after 6 years' use

Overseas Offices:

Kubota America Corporation (New York Office): The Chrysler Building 59th Floor. 405 Lexington Avenue, New York. N Y. 10174, U S A. Phone: 212-490-8050 Kubota America Cor- poration (Los Angeles Office): 523 West Sixth Street, Suite 432, Los Angeles, California 90014, U S A, Phone: 213-627-6377 Kubota, Ltd., London Office: 11/12 Hanover Street,

London W1R 9HF, U.K. Phone: 01-629-6471 ~ 4 Kubota, Ltd., Dusseldorf Office: 4000 Dusseldorf. Georg-Glock-Strasse 14. Federal Republic of Germany Phone: 0211 450-907

Kubota, Ltd., Bangkok Office: Thaniya Bldg., 4th Floor. 62 Silom Road, Bangkok, Thailand Phone: 234-7880. 234-7882 Representative of Kubota. Ltd. (Jakarta Office): Skyline

Building 16F JL. M.H.Thamrin No 9 Jakarta, Indonesia Phone: 323977

Kubcpta cargo oil pipe after 6 years' use

The pipe above obviously needs replacement, soonest possible, while the Kubota cargo oil pipe, shown below it, still has several years of good service life left. When replacing the pipe in your vessels, consider that Kubota's give more than two times longer service than most others. Fifteen years of use without replacement is ample proof of their superiority. Why? ^^

Kubota materials and methods cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The material is KCP-3L, a chrome manganese steel especially developed by this company. It is made by Kubota's exclusive centrifugal casting techniques, widely acknowledged to be of the highest technological level highest degree of weldability gives it the greatest facility of use. That is why fully 95% of all Japanese tankers use Kubota cargo oil pipe. And why shipbuilders and repair docks around the world keep it on hand for installation and replacement. Write today for full information on how to raise the efficiency of your tanker operations.



The Basic Necessities Giant

Kubota, Ltd. Steel Castings Sales Dept.

Osaka Head Office: 2-47, Shikitsuhigashi 1-chome, Nantwa-ku, Osaka Japan Phone: Osaka 648-2168

Cable Address: IRONKUBOTA OSAKA Telex: 526-7785 KUBOTA J

Tokyo Office: 3, Nihonbashi Muromachi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan Phone: Tokyo 279-2111 Cable

Address: IRONKUBOTA TOKYO Telex: 222-6068 KUBOTA J

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