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New Radiotelephone Made

By Texas Instruments —Brochure Available

The production of the TI3000

HF SSB Radiotelephone, a fully synthesized worldwide radiotele- phone, was announced recently by Texas Instruments Incorpo- rated, Dallas, Texas. Offering con- tinuous coverage from 1.605 to 25.1 megahertz, the TI3000 has a unique design which combines the final amplifier and a fully au- tomatic antenna coupler in a sin- gle unit to deliver all of the trans- mitter power — a full 125 watts

PEP — to the antenna. This ad- vanced design results in substan- tially improved performance over conventional designs in which the amplifier feeds the antenna cou- pler through a long cable.

A four-color brochure describ- ing and illustrating the full range and capabilities of the radiotele- phone is available from the com- pany.

The TI3000 is a compact, two- unit system consisting of a re- ceiver 'exciter control unit and a power amplifier antenna coupler unit. Up to 125 feet of readily available, low-cost RG 58 cable can be used to connect the ampli- fier to the user's antenna without output power loss.

The system features an easy- to-use 12-button keyboard on lb non-slip your Rigs, lask our Riggs. \ \

J* AMERICAN ABRASIVE METALS COMPANY /TA 460 Coit Street. Irvington, New Jersey 07111 non-slip helipad deck coating


East Coast Rep: Bull & Roberts. Inc., Murray Hill, N.J. (201) 464-6500 Gulf Coast Rep: Associated Paint & Supply, Houma, La. (504) 851-1062

West Coast Rep: Bull & Roberts. Inc., San. Fran., Ca. (415) 547-2822 North Sea Rep: Preferred Products. Ltd., U.K. (0206) 65318

Write 480 on Reader Service Card * Test data available upon -equest

Two Innovations in Modern Towing Tech from Seebeck

Rotating Towing Hook, counterbalanced.


One hook member for steel wire ropes, the other one for synthetic fibre ropes.

Hydraulic Tow Pins



P.O. B.101240• 2850 Bremerhaven W.-Germany jSJH - - -

Rotating Towing Hook

Hydraulic Tow Pins

Please tick the circle provided for further detailed information and attach this coupon to your company letter-heading. the receiver/exciter/control unit which allows the user to select any of 243,951 individual fre- quencies with just a few key presses. Functions such as chan- nel selection, transmit mode, and tuning are also easily controlled from the keyboard. Since the

TI3000 is fully synthesized, the user can change channel fre- quency assignments from the key- board, instead of manually chang- ing crystals.

For a free copy of the Texas

Instruments brochure on the


Write 62 on Reader Service Card $9-Million Sonobuoy

Navy Contract Awarded

To Sparton Electronics

Sparton Electronics Division of

Sparton Corporation, Jackson,

Mich., has been awarded a $9,- 202,000 firm fixed price contract to furnish 6,080 each AN/SSQ/ 62A Sonobuoys with packaging and associated data. Work will be performed in DeLeon Springs,

Fla. The Naval Avionics Center is the contracting activity.

Ucci Named Vice President

Of AMCA International

Michael J. Ucci

Michael J. Ucci has been ap- pointed a vice president of AMCA

International Corporation. Mr.

Ucci will concentrate on selective sales and marketing activities for the newly formed Marine Divi- sion which includes the products and services of its IMODCO and

Wiley Manufacturing units. He will provide similar services for the Company's Koehring product lines including particularly Clyde "Whirley" cranes.

IMODCO is a major designer and manufacturer of offshore ma- rine terminals to transfer petro- leum and slurried products from shore- and ocean-based locations.

Wiley is a leading fabricator of steel tunnel tubes for underwater vehicular tunnels and also de- signs and builds a variety of barges, self-propelled vessels, dredges, and other floating equip- ment for the marine, construc- tion, and shipbuilding industries.

Koehring products for the heavy construction industry include hy- draulic excavators; hydraulic boom, lattice boom and tower cranes; revolving "Whirley" cranes, and a full range of com- paction equipment. 6 Write 259 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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