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$5.7-Million Barge Contract

Awarded To Steel Style

Steel Style, Inc., Newburg,

N.Y., was awarded a $5,770,675 firm fixed price contract for cov- ered lighters and open lighters, with options. The lighters are non-self-propelled barges used for material storage. The Naval Sea

Systems Command was the con- tractor.

Report Available On

Performance Of Caprinus

R Oil On ODECO Drillship

Performance of Caprinus® R

Oil, in three medium-speed EMD 16-645E8 engines on the ODECO drillship Ocean Tempest has been published by Shell Oil Company in a new six-page full-color bro- chure.

Caprinus R is Shell's premium

MVI oil for medium-speed en- gines used in marine, railroad and stationary power applica- tions. The three engines have logged more than 31,000 hours with no major repairs. The per- formance report outlines the maintenance and lubrication prac- tices which have helped to attain the lengthy, trouble-free service.

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Large Vessels Booked

For Dry Dock 4 At

Portland Repair Yard

The 262,376-dwt American

Spirit recently entered the Port- land Ship Repair Yard, Portland,

Ore., for repairs. The 1,100-foot- long ship is the largest ever to enter the yard, but the record will not hold for long. In Novem- ber, the 264,073-d wt S/S Mary- land is scheduled to be repaired at the yard's Dry Dock 4.

According to yard manager

Chuck McKeown, "Seventeen ships are scheduled to go up on the blocks at Dry Dock 4 between

September and December of this year."

Bulletin From International

Shows Performance On 400

Vessels Of SPC Coatings

International Paint Company,

Inc. has announced availability of a new, 14-page technical bul- letin introducing its "Intersmooth

SPC Family of Self Polishing

Copolymer Antifoulings," which the company reports "cut fuel costs an average 12 percent yearly."

The bulletin documents Inter- smooth SPC performance on over 400 vessels—ranging from fish- ing vessels to ULCCs—since 1974.

Describing the concept of the

Intersmooth SPC Family, the bul- letin advises "to improve opera- tional profitability, shipowners must do more than simply con- trol macroscopic fouling—includ- ing weeds, slimes and barnacles— due to their direct effect on per- formance."

Using graphic comparisons, and statistical tracking, the bulletin compares performance between vessels using traditional coatings, and those treated with Inter- smooth SPC. Results show, ac- cording to the company, Inter- smooth SPC cutting operating costs in a dramatic manner.

Over 1,500 vessels treated with traditional antifouling coatings (including container vessels, oil tankers, passenger liners, bulk carriers, cargo vessels, and fer- ries) were also monitored by In- ternational Paint.

International states the bulle- tin clearly demonstrates how costs and benefits derived via In- tersmooth SPC applications are substantial, resulting directly in operational profitability for ship- owners.

The new International Paint

Company, Inc. technical bulletin describes how each member of the "Intersmooth SPC Family of

Self Polishing Copolymers" is formulated and processed for spe- cific applications.

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SPC Family brochure,

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Magnavox Delivers

All That Satcom Offers.

The Magnavox

MX 111 terminal ties your ship into Marisat's fast, private, clear, world- wide communications network. Our full capability system operates in telephone, telex, data and facsimile modes. And it's completely compatible with all present and known future require- ments, including Inmarsat.

Now you can take full advantage of Marisat —and more. The MX Ill's com- prehensive option list includes interface with the ship's

PABX. Bridge indicator units that assure that after hours messages won't go unnoticed. 0212 • B

And Then Some.

A choice of TTY units, includ- ing electronic models, plus a sophisticated VMS package that lets your shore-based office automatically receive information on ship's posi- tion, engine data, cargo con- dition, weather—virtually anything measurable by elec- tronic sensors.

Fortunately, all these capa- bilities don't take up much space in your radio room. Only the absolute minimum of equipment — compact tele- phone and TTY—go there.

Sensible, modular design lets you tuck the electronics in any convenient place. They're easily connected to our rugged, passively stabilized antenna.

That's Marisat, Magnavox style. It's the only technically proven system that's designed specifically for ships and sup- ported world-wide by a leading marine electronics company.

For details on the best system afloat, contact Marine

Systems Operation, Magnavox

Advanced Products and Sys- tems Co., 2829 Maricopa St.,

Torrance, CA 90503. Tele- phone (213) 328-0770. Telex 696101. Cable MAGNAMAR.


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