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When you pass

The Ambrose Light, you're not far from Gulf.

Back in 1908, U.S. Lightship No. 87 first dropped her mush- room anchor at 40° 275 'N, 73° 49.9' W.

She was stationed there to guide square riggers and steamers through the shifting sandbars of the newly dredged

Ambrose Channel and on into New York harbor.

When fog obscured her light, she blared a warning heard for miles.

And in 1912, ships began to home in on her radio beacon, the first in the world to operate successfully.

You can board the original Ambrose at New York's

South Street Seaport Museum. The less romantic, but more efficient tower above now stands where she rode at anchor, a welcome sight (or sound) to seamen inward bound.

New York. Still another port where you'll find premium

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