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Upward Trend Reported

In World Orderbook

A steady upward climb in the world orderbook for the 27-month period from January 1979 to April 1981 has been reported by the newsletter Bremen International, published by the Senate of the

West German city.

As of April this year, for ves- sels 2,000 dwt and over, there were 1,707 vessels on order — more than 51.6 million total dead- weight tons. The lowest point in international shipbuilding during the last decade was reached in

January 1979. The total order for the shipyards of 39 major ship- building countries—including the communist-controlled Eastern-

Bloc countries and China—at that time was 1,315 ships with a total of 30.2 million dwt.

The high point of the last dec- ade was reached in mid-1974 when 2,935 units of more than 233.8 million dwt were on order.

In the improved figures re- ported for the period ending in

April of this year, the six fore- most shipbuilders were: Japan, having orderbookings for 20.441 million dwt, 39 percent of the total orderbookings of the world shipbuilding industry; followed by South Korea, with 4.420 mil- lion dwt (8.2 percent) ; Brazil with 2.980 million dwt (5.8 per- -r • e- r i=rrf Jmmt t, 4 f - , 1 ,v .r * ' j » - f i 4 : -r-' \ -i A



SALTWATER CAPABILITIES ...IN A FRESHWATER SHIPYARD 0 • SALTWATER SHIPS and TUG/BARGES to 730'. • GREAT LAKES SHIPS to 1.100'. • TWO GRAVING DOCKS.. the largest 1.158' long with a traveling gantry crane capable of handling 200-ton super-sections, fabricated simultaneously at numerous adjacent locations. • ONE FLOATING DOCK... 7.000-ton. • COMPLETE IN-HOUSE CAPABILITIES ... to design, engineer, build, repair, convert, re-power, retro-fit and jumboize. • BUILDING SHIPS SINCE 1902 ... an established company, in a new location with modern facilities, including computer lofting and burning.

Bay Shipbuilding Corp. has built more modern self- unloading ships than any other shipyard in the United

States... 13 within the past 7 years, with 2 currently under construction. In addition, 14 vessels have been converted to self-unloaders. with 2 currently under contract.

Our Company's 60 years of expertise in automated and semi-automated self-unloaders is the primary reason we routinely deliver on schedule.

Our personnel have extensive experience in coal or oil-fired steam propulsion and diesel ships. Our experience also includes the construction of com- mercial ocean tankers/barges and chemical carriers, dump barges, derrick ships, passenger ships, stern trawlers, tug/barge units, and industrial products.



Subsidiary of The Manitowoc Company, Inc. 605 North 3rd Avenue. Sturgeon Bay. Wl 54235

Phone: 414-743-5524/Telex: 263448 MTWC

BAY SHIPBUILDING CORP 1981 cent) ; Spain with 2.514 million dwt (4.8 percent) ; Romania with 1.712 million dwt (3.4 percent) ; and Poland with 1.509 million dwt (2.9 percent).

Alfa-Laval Publishes

Booklet On Treatment Of

Low-Grade Heavy Fuel

Alfa-Laval, Inc., Fort Lee, N.J., has published a 20-page booklet entitled "Guidelines for the Pre- treatment and Cleaning of Low-

Grade Heavy Fuel Oils." The sub- ject matter is applicable to heavy fuels used in marine and power generating diesel engines.

Illustrated with charts and flow diagrams, the guidelines are con- cerned with Alfa-Laval's recom- mendations for the pretreatment and cleaning of residual and dis- tillate components from heavy fuel oil. Subjects such as dimen- sioning separators, mode of op- eration, pump arrangements, sep- aration temperature control, pre- treatment and cleaning systems, improving existing systems, and operation are treated in a com- prehensive yet easy to read man- ner.

For a free copy of the guide- lines,

Write 32 on Reader Service Card

ABS Sets Procedures For

Survey Requirements Of

New Int'l Agreement

The American Bureau of Ship- ping (ABS) has forwarded to its field surveyors worldwide survey instructions relating to the en- forcement provisions of the 1978

Protocol to the 1974 Interna- tional Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Copies of these instructions also have been given to owners of all ves- sels in ABS classification.

Under the provisions of the '78

Protocol, contracting countries have elected to require manda- tory annual surveys rather than unscheduled surveys, though some countries maintain the right to require both. The man- datory annual survey includes requirements covered separately in the Safety Construction and

Safety Equipment Surveys spec- ified in SOLAS '74, as well as other items usually reserved to port state inspections.

The annual survey will also cover items required for the In- ternational Oil Pollution Preven- tion Certificate under terms of the International Conference on

Marine Pollution 1974 (MAR-

POL) and its 1978 Protocol when that convention comes into force.

ABS is authorized by many governments to conduct surveys and issue certificates in accord- ance with SOLAS '74, as well as for other international conven- tions. •* Write 128 on Reader Service Card

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