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$5.6-Million Navy Outfitting

Contract Awarded NASSCO

National Steel and Shipbuild- ing Company, San Diego, Calif., has been awarded a $5,631,540 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for in- dustrial effort for the fitting out of the AD-43. The Naval Sea

Systems Command is the con- tractor.

Lukens Steel Introduces

New Safety Floor Plate —Literature Available

The Lukens Steel Co., Coats- ville, Pa., has introduced a new industrial and safety floor plate, named Sure-Foot™. The company recently published a brochure con- taining information on the new product's sizes, applications, tech- nical details, and advantages.

The brochure has been orga- nized to meet the interests of purchasing managers and design- ers who are concerned with the selection of floor plate.

For a free copy of the brochure,

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SEMCO Elects Baker

Executive Vice President

Southeastern Maritime Com- pany (SEMCO), Savannah, Ga., recently announced the election of Herbert N. Baker Jr. to exec- utive vice president and general manager. Mr. Baker will be re- sponsible for SEMCO's agency, stevedoring, and terminal activ- ities in Charleston, Savannah,

Jacksonville, Miami, and Atlanta.

Mr. Baker's experience in the marine transportation field has included executive positions with

International Paper Company,

Prudential Lines, and Waterman

Steamship Corp.


Application For

Automated Waterway

Communications System

Waterway Communications

System, Inc. (WATERCOM), Ar- lington, Va., has filed an appli- cation with the Federal Commu- nications Commission requesting authority to construct and oper- ate an automated communica- tions system serving the Missis- sippi, Illinois, and Ohio Rivers and the Gulf Intracoastal Water- way.

The filing was announced re- cently by J. Robert Hard, exec- utive vice president of American

Commercial Barge Line Company.

The submission of this applica- tion follows the adoption of rules by the FCC on January 29 of 1981, allocating the 216-220 MHz band for use by automated mari- time communications systems serving the inland waterways.

The application filed with the

FCC proposes operation through- out the GIWW, Mississippi — in- cluding the Morgan City route and the Atchafalaya River, Illi- nois, and Ohio Rivers, with the exception of small regions at the northernmost portions of the Mis- sissippi and Ohio Rivers.

In order to move forward as quickly as possible with licensing and construction of the WATER-

COM System, those two segments of the rivers are not covered by this application due to the need to complete further engineering to comply with the technical re- strictions imposed on the use of the 216-220 MHz frequency band by the FCC. These segments will be covered by an application to be filed in the near future.

Control and management of

WATERCOM was transferred from the 16 members of the barge and towing industry who founded

WATERCOM in 1974 to Ameri- can Commercial Lines, Inc., the parent of American Commercial

Barge Lines, in mid-June. ACL has undertaken responsibility for the construction and operation of the automated communications system, a project estimated to cost $12 million. "We are very excited about this project and the potential it has for allowing the industry to realize optimum use of management information and control systems in order to remain competitive during this era of high inflation and new costs," stated Mr. Hard. |NAVUETSA

The agency that can handle all your business in


Hundreds of ships every week sail in and out of Buenos Aires and other ports.

Thousands of communication messages pass through the wires between ships, charterers and owners.

Millions of dollars are transacted daily through banks doing business with Argentina.

Navijet is proud to be part of this action!

After all, our business is to know your business!

Here are some of our credentials:

I . WE ARE steamship agents; ship brok- ers; ship agents for all Argentine ports; agents for tramp, dry and liquid cargo, tankers; reefer, bulk dry or oil canvassers; bunker and luboil suppliers. 2. WE COMMUNICATE —12 local and 1 international direct telephone line; telex;

VHF system with 24 hour repeater service for ships; walkie-talkies covering Baires port, South Dock, La Plata and Campana. 3. WE PROCESS vessel disbursements and expense proforma and telex informa- tion within 30 minutes through our Com- puter System, especially designed for shipping programs. 4. WE PREPARE loading/discharge car- go current account reports every 6 hours gang period. Filing of taxes under re- quired reference, business follow-up.

I^JAVUETSA. ^ Alsina 875/79, 1087 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel. 34-2132/35; Telex: 18423; Cables: NAVIJET BAIRES 5. WE ARE MULTILINGUAL —English,

Spanish, German, Greek, Portuguese,

Italian spoken fluently by our experienced staff. 6. WE HAVE A NAVIJET BUILDING con- sisting of 1100 sq. meters which houses our wide range of services and depart- ments. Conference (showroom), meeting room for 60 individuals available to serve you. Our 24 employees make every effort to provide efficient service to customers. 7. WE ARE TRAVEL AGENTS. Expedi- tious handling of your crews' transporta- tion. Issuance of tickets anywhere, hotel reservations, car rentals, limousine ser- vice. Tours also arranged in Argentina or abroad. ^ i Contact: I

CHA.RM«rNEWVTSRK. 1 available (o. appoinmen sc 6(. F|fth AvB.,

I K.,Vv. ^TA^z0- - -' saronic^cruises

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