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Elect E.B. Peebles Jr.

New President Of

Ryan-Walsh Stevedoring

The board of directors of Ryan-

Walsh Stevedoring Company, Inc.,

Mobile, Ala., announced the elec- tion recently of E.B. Peebles Jr. as president. He succeeds Greg- ory L. Leatherbury, who retired, having served as president since 1965.

E.B. Peebles Jr.

In assuming the presidency of

Ryan-Walsh, Mr. Peebles also be- comes president of Ryan-Walsh subsidiaries Container Services

International, Inc.; Marine Bulk

Handling Corporation; Southern

Marine Service, Inc.; Southern

Steamship Agency, Inc.; and

World Wide Crating and Ware- housing Company, Inc. He con- tinues as president of Stevedores,

Inc., a Ryan-Walsh joint venture in Wilmington, N.C.

Mr. Peebles has worked for

Ryan-Walsh and its corporate forerunner, Ryan Stevedoring

Company, since 1939. Ryan-Walsh and its holdings are a subsidiary of Dravo Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Brochure Available

On Dock Fendering

From J.H. Menge Co.

A four-color brochure describ- ing the dock machinery and fend- ering products and services it provides has been published by the J.H. Menge & Company, Inc., of New Orleans, La. The 103- year-old company provides a wide range of mooring and related equipment from major manufac- turers worldwide. The brochure lists many of the facilities using equipment the company provided.

For a free copy of the Menge brochure.

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B&W Offers Technical

Paper On Advantages Of

New Low-Speed Diesels

A forty-five page technical pa- per entitled "The Low-Speed Die- sel and The Future Energy Sce- nario" has been published by

B&W Diesel, Inc., New York, a subsidiary of B&W Diesel A/S,

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Well illustrated with drawings, charts, tables and photographs related to the text, the paper de- scribes technical considerations of the low-speed diesel as the most efficient converter of ther- mal energy into mechanical power.

The paper traces the develop- ment and design parameters of the company's low-speed diesels from the K-GF engines first pro- duced in 1973 to the newly intro- duced L-GB engines. The new engines, the paper states, opti- mize the combination of longer stroke, higher output, higher maximum cylinder pressure, and the latest turbochargers produc- ing high-thermal efficiency.

The new engines range from the L-35 GB/E to the largest, the L-90 GB/E. The L-35 has a 350-mm cylinder bore and a stroke of 1,050 mm which apply for the first time a stroke-bore ratio of 3:1. The cylinder output ranges from 690 bhp at 200 rpm to 405 bhp at 163 rpm. Specific fuel oil consumption down to 129 g/bhph is guaranteed.

The largest of the new engines is the L-90 GB/E which is based on the existing and well-proven

GFCA design. The cylinder out- put ranges from 4,570 at 97 rpm to 2,740 bhp at 79 rpm. Specific fuel oil consumption down to 126 g/bhph is guaranteed. Most of the GB/GBE engines will be available starting in 1983. For a free copy of the paper,

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For the Broad of Beam

Avondale's drydock at the Main yard can accommodate any ves- sel that can navigate the Missis- sippi River. Our yard flexibility and efficiency allow for service of all ocean going vessels in- cluding drill rigs up to 215' wide, and of course... all types of inland vessels.

When your needs are yard needs; come to Avondale. The experience counts and you'll get quick turnaround. Quick, efficient and dependable. We feel good about being best. i K


Marine Repair Division

P.O. Box 50280

New Orleans, Louisiana 70150 (504) 436-5274

A subsidiary of Ogden Corporation.

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