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Research Continues

For More Fuel Efficiency

With Lower Grade Fuels

The two major factors influ- encing diesel engine design and development continue to be the soaring fuel costs and deteriora- tion in the quality of marine fuels. While most diesel design- ers are working to modify exist- ing models to achieve lower spe- cific fuel consumption, a mile- stone urns achieved by Caterpillar with the recent introduction of an entirely new series of high- speed, heavy-duty diesels in the

S00 to 1,600-bhp range.

The past year saw several new licensing agreements between Eu- ropean companies and U.S. en- gine manufacturers. Transamer- ica Delaval has been licensed by the Dutch company Stork-Werks- poor Diesel of Amsterdam to manufacture and market in the lT.S. the TM 620 series, which will be known as the Enteprise1

SWD TM 620 diesel line. Wau- kesha Engine Division of Dresser

Industries will manufacture a line of medium-speed diesels in the 1,2-10 to 4,320 blip power range under license from Sitlzer

Brothers of Switzerland. And

Allis-Chalmers of Milwaukee has been licensed by B&W Diesel of

Copenhagen to manufacture and market the Danish company's low-speed engines in the U.S.

We asked the diesel manufac- turers to tell us about their latest designs and developments; the following review is based on their replies.


The past year has been one of increased activity in the marine market for Alco Power Inc. With engine orders up from last year,

Alco is looking optimistically to- ward the coming year. Early 1982 will find Alco engines being in- stalled in vessels at three major inland yards — Dravo, Jeffboat, and St. Louis Ship. Recent in- stallations include main propul- sion engines for the towboats

Jeffboat, Volunteer, Karen Ann, and Toutant, plus a tug for Glad- ders Towing. Current contracts include orders for a quantity of

Alco engines for main propulsion of tugs and towboats.

Alco's capability in the marine market extends to specialized ap- plications as well. One such appli- cation is the dredge Eagle 1, built by Avondale for Eagle Dredging, which entered service earlier this year. A split-hull hopper dredge, the Eagle 1 has two Alco 16-cyl- inder 251s for main propulsion and two Alco 6-cylinder 251s to drive the dredging pumps. Forced to meet stringent requirements, these engines are able to operate at a side pitch of 23 degrees, which becomes necessary when the vessel's split hull is opened to dump the dredging spoils.

In its ongoing effort to respond to the demands of the market,

Alco will continue its research and development program for en- gines operating on blended fuel.

In addition, Alco offers a marine training school at its St. Louis location to familiarize operators with engine characteristics and maintenance procedures. The "hands-on" experience offered by this program has been well re- ceived by those who have at- tended.

Alco Power's 12 cylinder model 270.

Historically, Alco has provided diesel engines for a variety of applications. All markets will ben- efit from the introduction of the

Alco 270, a new engine now in production at the company's Au- burn, N.Y., plant. Available in 6-, 8-, 12-, 16-, and 18-cylinder con- figurations, the larger-bore 270 offers more power (1,400 to 5,800 bhp) in a smaller package to com- plement the existing 251 model.

Many of the 251's favorable char- acteristics have been incorporated into the 270.

Developed as an outgrowth of the Ruston RKC series diesel, the 270 is an engine of proven design and capability. Of interest to ves- sel owners is the 270's ability to burn heavy fuels up to 1500 sec- onds Redwood No. 1, and low fuel consumption under all operating conditions. The first 270s are ex- pected in service in the spring of 1982, to be installed in a 9,000- bhp towboat.

For additional information on

Alco Power's engines,

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Highest fuel efficiency, largest worldwide orderbook, license agreement with a U.S. manufac- turer, M.A.N.-B&W Diesel mar- ket leader in large diesels: These are some of the ways in which the Danish diesel designer has made news during the past year.

Earlier this year a license agreement was signed with Allis-

Chalmers of Milwaukee for the manufacture and sale/marketing (continued on page 20)

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