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Diesel Power Review —Cummins (continued from page 27)

KTA-3076, a turbocharged and aftercooled 16-cylinder diesel that produces 1,250 bhp at 1,800 rpm during continuous-duty operation.

The V-16, 3,067-cubic-inch en- gine weighs just 10,700 pounds, providing a high horsepower-to- weight ratio. Its fuel consump- tion is rated at 63 gallons per hour. Individual cylinder heads and replaceable wet-type liners help ease service.

The 300-ton towboat Paul A.

Wronowski, recently put into service by John A. Wronowski's

Thames Shipyard in New London,

Conn., is the first vessel powered by the KTA-3076; the 90-foot boat is powered by two of them.

Mr. Wronowski points to long years of satisfaction with Cum- mins engines and service, and says another big reason he chose

Cummins is his concern for fuel economy.

The newest towboat to enter the fleet of Brent Towing Com- pany of Greenville, Miss., the

Melinda Brent, is powered by twin

Cummins KTA-2300 engines. The

KTA-2300 produces 940 bhp at 1,800 rpm during continuous duty.

The V-12, 2,300-cubic-inch engine is also available in a non-after-

Now, 11 Series, 45 Models, 66 ratios ...Twin Disc MGN Series Marine

Transmissions... coverina 634 to 3729 kW (850 to 5000 htf range.

With 45 models of the Twin Disc mar- keted NICO Marine Transmissions, there's a model to fit your particular requirements no matter what brand of diesel or what type of boat duty... in the 634 to 3729 kW (850 to 5000 hp) range.

These larger transmissions offer configuration versatility that includes coaxial, horizontal and vertical offset units. This permits selecting the transmission that best matches hull design, desired propulsion horse- power, boat function and the type of waters in which operated.

MGN Series Features.

The MGN Series incorporates hydraulically-actuated, multiple- disc, oil-lubricated clutches which are cooled by the same type of oil used in the engine. The clutch driv- ing plates are steel, and the driven plates are sintered-bronze for in- creased lubrication retention and longevity.

All gear elements are case- hardened and precision machined from low carbon chrome-molyb- denum steel forgings. The input and output shafts including intermediate shafts are forged from alloy steel.

Highly efficient, rugged anti-friction bearings are used throughout all

MGN Series units.

Controlled Shifting.

Controlled shifting may be accom- plished with direct mechanical or remote air operated controls; op- tional remote electric controls;

Omega Power Control (in many models); or "X" control. "X" control is a uniquely designed system that permits the marine transmission to hold propeller speed automatically and virtually constant, or alternatively, permitting variable propeller speed control indepen- dent of engine speed in both the forward and reverse modes under predetermined conditions. The

Omega Power Control offers these features over broader operating ranges of both engine and propel- ler speed.

When repowering or building new, you'll profit by specifying a

Twin Disc MGN Series Marine


Request Bulletin 900.

We put horsepower to work





TWIN DISC INTERNATIONAL S.A. 1400 NIVELLES, BELGIUM cooled model, the KT-2300, rated 700 bhp at 1,800 rpm. Both 2300s feature the same easy mainte- nance characteristics as the KTA- 3067.

Brent Towing is among the first inland waterway operators to take advantage of the K's fuel eco- nomy and performance, although the engine has been a favorite of crabber and trawler operators since its introduction in 1979.

The 2300 is said to be one of the most fuel-efficient diesels available for its size, with a fuel consumption rating of 47.4 gal- lons per hour in continuous-duty applications.

The smallest entrant in the

Cummins K series is the KTA- 1150, a turbocharged and after- cooled, 1,150-cubic-inch, in-line six rated 520 bhp at 1,800 rpm for continuous-duty operation. It has the most economical fuel con- sumption in its horsepower class, according to published manufac- turers' fuel consumption curves.

Shippen Marine Inc. of Houston recently put into service the first workboat to be powered by four

KTA-1150 engines, the Comet, a 110-foot crew/supply boat.

The KTA-1150 and its non- aftercooled version have also proven popular among fishing fleets, including Singleton Fleets,

Inc., a 70-boat shrimping com- pany based in Key West, Fla. Its most recent 15 boats are powered by 1150s. Company president

Henry Singleton says he selected

Cummins engines because of su- perior fuel economy and atten- tive field service.

Cummins Engine Company started manufacturing marine diesel engines in 1921 and has since become a leader in marine diesel technology. In 1932 Cum- mins introduced the first high- speed marine diesel, and followed up in 1937 with the first super- charged marine diesel. In 1952 the company significantly boosted the horsepower of its marine en- gines by introducing the first high-speed turbocharged diesel.

Cummins engineers tackled the size and dimension problems posed by early marine diesels when they introduced the first "oversquare cylinder" marine die- sel in 1961.

Today Cummins offers seven different series of marine diesels for a full range of workboat, fish- boat, and pleasure craft appli- cations.

For additional information on

Cummins marine diesels,

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The trend has been for more and more horsepower, and the

Detroit Diesel Allison division of

G.M. has responded with higher ratings for its high-output 149 series. The Detroit Diesel 16V- 149TI, turbocharged and inter- cooled diesel engine delivers up to 1,570 bhp in marine applica- tions, 1,800 bhp in other indus- •« Write 501 on Reader Service Card

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