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Diesel Power Review —Grandi Motori Trieste (continued from page 30) and production whose keynote is versatility. It is intended for the widest possible range of ship pro- pulsion duties—direct coupled in vessels where higher propeller speeds are used, or geared to give optimum propulsion efficiency at generally lower cost.

The CC 600, being a 2-stroke, crosshead type engine, will run on the cheapest low-grade fuel oil; the design throughout has taken into account the fact that the quality of such fuel will continue to deteriorate.

Despite the presence of a cross- head, separated crankcase, and the working spaces typical of a more traditional low-speed 2- stroke engine, the low stroke/bore ratio adopted in the CC 600 leads to an extremely compact design.

Producing 1,650 hp per cylinder at 250 rpm in versions from 4 to 10 cylinders, this engine can be fitted into almost any machinery space, however restricted, as its compactness is complemented by a unique facility to withdraw the piston without its rod in a much reduced overhauling height.

The CC 600 engine retains all the characteristic design features of the previous GMT low-speed, 2-stroke engine range — the B 1060, C 900, C 780, and C 600 types — and its construction de- tails are solidly based on the

The first CC 600 was installed recently on the "Marigola." wealth of experience built up over the many years during which the validity of the design principles has been proved in the previous low-speed engine types. It differs from the other engines in that it has a low bore /stroke ratio of 1.33:1 as opposed to the normal ratio of about 2:1.

Much interest in the CC 600 is already being shown by clients in both the marine and industrial sectors, and many promising proj- ects are being studied.

The first CC 600 was installed recently on the "Marigola," a so- phisticated 12,000-dwt petrochem- ical tanker constructed at Italy's

M. & B. Benetti yard. It is a five- cylinder unit of 8,250 bhp.

A market of particular interest could well develop for the CC 600 design from the increasing num- ber of cases where conversion from existing steam plants is be- ing considered. With a pre-estab- lished propeller speed and engine room configuration, these instal- lations usually demand a geared plant. Their large (albeit dimin- ished) power requirements and high utilization factor underline the importance of burning the most economical fuel available to achieve the objective of the con- version. The CC 600 fits these requirements admirably.

GMT's B 600 engine is a slow- speed 2-stroke of 1,500 bhp per cylinder at 160 rpm, and was de- signed essentially as a compact, simple, and reliable engine that can be built at a competitive cost and is particularly easy and eco- nomic to maintain. This engine is planned to meet the needs of the substantial and growing market for smaller ships of all kinds where direct-drive, low-speed en- gines can be accommodated. It is adaptable to give optimum effi- ciency over a range of maximum service speeds from 145 to 160 rpm.

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