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Diesel Power Review —M.T.U. (continued from page 35) the pressure ratio, and introduc- tion of composite pistons, as well as better matched turbocharger and injection systems.

MTU cites intensive turbo- charger research, in particular, that allowed a considerable rise in the engine output without in- creasing specific fuel consump- tion. Another important feature is the introduction of the cylin- der cutout, which minimizes any problems during startup, idling, and part-load service.

The actual cutout is effected with a divided injection control system developed by MTU. To cut off fuel to selected cylinders, an expansion piston is filled with oil and holds one section of the control rack at zero delivery while the other section operates nor- mally.

The long-stroke (185 mm) 16V 396 TC engine has a per cylinder output of 111 hp at 1,650 rpm for commercial vessels, 143 hp at 1,900 rpm for fast vessels, and 150 hp at 2,100 rpm for high- performance craft.

The 396-03 engine series pos- sesses an unusually high degree of power concentration and max- imum accessory integration. Its main features include extremely compact construction, favorable power-to-weight ratios, favorable bulk-to-power ratios, and direct flange mounting of driven equip- ment and driveline components.

The various drive units are ar- rived at by combining identical prime movers with application- oriented, thoroughly proven ac- cessories. These packages are tested in their ready-to-install condition in the factory test cells under realistic on-site conditions.

They can be placed in operation almost immediately on site after the support and power transmis- sion systems have been connected.

Special features of these power packs include functional reliabil- ity, easy access to the engine and accessory components, and ease of maintenance, the latter includ- ing simple maintenance proce- dures, low maintenance costs, and simplified spare parts inventories.

The MTU 20V 1163 class engine.

MTU's total diesel engine pro- gram ranges from 435 to 7,080 bhp, with a choice of rpm from 1,000 to 2,400. Building on the experience gained with the 956 counterpart, MTU developed the 1163 family, which is aimed es- pecially at 60 Hz power genera- tion and marine applications. Ow- ing to the extended length of the stroke, the power offered by the 1163 model at 1,200 rpm is the same as that of the 956 engine at 1,500 rpm, with the per-cylin- der as high as 354 hp.

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Niigata Engineering Company,

Ltd. of Tokyo started manufac- turing diesel engines for marine use in 1919, and currently pro- duces a wide variety of diesels ranging in power output from 90 to 27,000 bhp. With its cumula- tive production reaching 15 mil- lion bhp, Niigata has grown into a manufacturer of medium- and small-size diesels.

Drawing on its long experience and know-how, the company re- cently completed an energy-sav- ing system for marine use to cope with the rising price of fuel oil.

This main engine-driven electric power generating system using the Omega clutch is said to con- sume much less fuel than any previous main shaft-driven sys- tem. It has made a steady supply of power possible without being 36 Write 299 on Reader Service Card Write 3431 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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